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Category: Why Dallas College?

Learn More, Earn More at the DCCCD Employee Advancement Fair Jan. 11

Recently, the DCCCD Board of Trustees moved “employee success” to the top of the list of DCCCD strategic priorities followed by student success, community engagement and institutional effectiveness. The board did this in recognition of the fact that when DCCCD employees succeed, students do, too.

What is Logistics Technology?

You didn’t think Santa delivered all those goodies by himself, did you? Nope. Shipping and transporting goods from manufacturers to retailers to consumers is a big job, and it takes more than reindeer to get it done. Whether you’re picking it up off of a store shelf or having it delivered to your front porch, logistics is how it gets done quickly and efficiently.

Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Students are Pursuing Cool Careers at DCCCD

Valerie Handley, a second-year student at Cedar Valley, wants to repair and service air conditioners on the rental properties she owns.

“After you write enough checks for someone else to work on them, you start to think ‘maybe I can do this myself,'” said Handley, who works as a 911 operator.