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Daphne’s Thoughts on Starting a New Career

Last updated on October 2, 2019

This post was written by Daphne Johnson, a Dallas Colleges Online student working her way through prerequisites before she transfers into a bachelor’s of science in nursing program.

This goes out to the people out there who are thinking of doing something different with their life.  This is addressed to people of all walks of life, all ages and all backgrounds: if you want to change your life’s path, I say go for it.

I am 44 years old and a couple years ago I decided to act on a feeling that had been growing in me that I needed to change the direction of my life. Over the course of my adult life, I realized, I had been working in an area that was not really “me” and that I needed to follow my heart and pursue my true calling: helping people in my community through nursing.

You might consider it scary or crazy at my age and after having worked in one field for 20-something years to just up and quit and start this new career. Well, I realized after great reflection and consultation with my family that it would be crazy for me not to go for it, and I am still young enough to embark on a second career. And my thought is… you only live once. Why spend a lifetime of not doing quite the right thing with yourself?

The DCCCD was the perfect place to return to and make this happen. The number of class offerings, multiple campus locations, different styles of classes (traditional, online, hybrid) and affordable tuition has made it very easy to put my plan into action. You too can do this if you just decide to go for it. Start by taking just one class, if that’s all you can do. And try out different class styles, too. You might be surprised to find out, for instance, that you like the flexibility and convenience of taking a class online, like I do.

“Make the most of yourself… for that is all there is of you.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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