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Ready To Graduate This Spring or Summer? Here’s the Scoop

Last updated on February 3, 2023

If you’re planning to graduate, complete your program or transfer to a four-year university at the end of the Spring or Summer semester, we’re excited for you! Make sure you know the most important things to do before graduating.

1. Double Check Everything: Meet with your success coach and make sure you’ve taken all the classes you need to be eligible to graduate. You don’t want your graduation to be delayed because of a forgotten class!  

2. Apply for Graduation: Visit the Graduation Information page on the Dallas College website. Halfway down the page, you will find the Complete Graduation Application button. Click on it and fill out the form by Friday, March 10, 2023. If you don’t apply by March 10, you can still graduate, but you will not be able to participate during the in-person graduation ceremonies. Once your application is received, an email notification will be sent to the address you submitted on your application with the details of your submission. Please be sure to double check the email address on your Graduation Application, because that is the email where we will send your submission notification and information about graduation ceremonies.

3. Visit the Career Center: Each one of Dallas College’s seven campuses has a Career Center where you can apply for jobs and get help writing your resume and cover letter. You can also do a mock interview and brush up on your people skills. We’ll even make sure you’re dressed for success by providing you professional attire for the big day. 

4. Prepare to Transfer: If you’re transferring to a four-year university, by this time you should have applied. You may be well on your way to enrollment and choosing your classes at the new school. Congratulations! To prep for your transfer, make sure you don’t have any outstanding loans or fines at Dallas College. You’ll need your official transcript to submit to your new school, and Dallas College won’t release your transcript if you have outstanding debts. Also, if you’re age 22 or younger, make sure you have an updated copy of your shot records, including bacterial meningitis. Finally, maintain the good relationships you’ve built at Dallas College because you may need letters of recommendation for upcoming internships you apply to in the Fall.  

5. Attend Graduation: This is a huge accomplishment. Make sure you celebrate by attending your graduation ceremony! You can purchase your graduation gown and cap at any campus bookstore or through the online bookstore.  

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