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Find Dallas/Fort Worth Health Care Jobs Through HELIX

Last updated on October 9, 2019

So you’ve finished working toward a degree or certificate in a health care related career field. Now what? For most of you, the answer to that is probably, “Now I need to find a job!” Well, DCCCD’s Health Careers Resource Center has created a website to help you do just that.

That website is called HELIX, and it allows DCCCD graduates (and soon-to-be graduates) to create a free profile, upload their resume and search an extensive database listing health care jobs at hospitals and other health care providers – mostly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but also across the state of Texas and beyond. You could find your new career path in positions like:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Health Care Administration
  • Nursing
  • Allied Health Careers
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Paramedic, EMT
  • Nurse Aide
  • Dental Assistant
  • Medical Front Office
  • Radiology Technician/Radiography

As you can see, HELIX offers more than nursing jobs. “Lots of times students have only heard about nursing,” notes Shannon Ydoyaga, Health Careers Resource Center executive director. “They don’t realize there are more than 200 health care career options.”

Besides nursing, popular jobs include radiology, medical assisting, pharmacy technician, medical front office assistant and medical laboratory technician.

How HELIX Works to Help Graduates Find Health Care Jobs

HELIX connects employers to graduates (and soon-to-be grads) of our colleges’ health care programs by posting job openings. Students of the colleges of DCCCD can post resumes, reference letters and other documents. You can search for jobs by city or by job title, among other filters. High-demand jobs and overlooked jobs are highlighted in a “Featured Jobs” section. Large institutions and small businesses alike post jobs.

Ydoyaga also notes that HELIX allows for more detail than general jobs sites. “HELIX is unique in that it lets students load in the details of licensure and organizations they work with,” Ydoyaga said. “It gets very specific.”

What the Health Careers Resource Center Does

The Health Careers Resource Center is the hub at DCCCD for helping students with health-related careers.

“We talk with graduates about the next step,” Ydoyaga says. “For example, after completing an RN [registered nurse] program, what’s the next step?” It could be a job. Or it could be transfer to a university. The center provides intensive career and program information related to health care fields.

“What we know is if a student is a good fit for a program, they tend to be more successful,” says Ydoyaga.

The DCCCD Health Careers Resource Center serves as an information clearinghouse, providing the nuts-and-bolts resources you’ll need to choose your health career, from advisement through enrollment — with job placement services after you graduate.

For more information, contact the Health Career Resource Center at:
701 Elm St.
Dallas, Texas 75202

Additional Resources for Health Care Programs at DCCCD

Read about Nursing and Health Care Degrees and Certificates on the DCCCD website.

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