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What Students are Saying About Digital Forensics

Last updated on October 9, 2019

Why Did You Decide to Study Digital Forensics?

Leah Atinda: “When I came to Richland College, I planned to study Computer Information Technology, but once I met with an advisor and learned about Digital Forensics, I was ready to change my course. It has been a long journey full of challenges, success and learning experiences.”

Matthew Seyer: “It became apparent to me in the first couple of classes that the benefits of studying in this field were going to be tremendous. Just take a look at Richland’s Digital Forensics Web page, and you’ll see a list of all the possibilities stemming from this field.”

Crichton Odom: “The Digital Forensics program at Richland College has allowed me to follow my love for digital technology. Although I have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, I have been interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of the field.”

How Did the Digital Forensics Program Benefit You Professionally?

Leah Atinda: “As a full-time student, I have become more organized thanks to the demands of the Digital Forensics coursework, which consists mainly of hands-on labs with challenges to solve. You learn to create a method to solve problems, always being ready to research and learn new things. Each day when one lab is done, it is a success story because it is like a puzzle solved that will help you become better in the field.

“This is a program made for people who want to learn new things, create a methodology, keep records of what you have done and be able to repeat it to get the same results. I have learned a lot about how to re-create deleted or missing files from digital media, validate dates and logged-in authors or editors of documents, use forensic tools to analyze data and write reports that make it easy for people to understand computer jargon — among many other things.”

Matthew Seyer: “Seeing what other people know in the forensics community, Richland’s program is top-notch. When I interned with a private-sector company doing forensic analysis, I had a huge advantage in what I already knew compared to my peers.”

Crichton Odom: “Digital Forensics is so much more than what I have learned in my previous degree studies. The program provides me with an understanding that my information technology degree could not. With the training and instruction provided in the Digital Forensics program at Richland College, I am becoming a skilled digital forensics professional.”

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