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Month: March 2016

Graduation Ceremonies for Spring 2016

In honor of your achievements as students (and, okay, maybe little bit in honor of National Puppy Day on March 23), we’ve gathered up the date, time and location of each graduation ceremony for our colleges. We can’t wait to celebrate your accomplishments as you walk across the stage! Obviously you’ve probably already added the date to your calendar, written it down and are simply counting down the days, but in case there’s any question, here they are:

These are Some of the Best Social Services Jobs of 2016

Here it is: our last chapter in our series of blog posts on U.S. News and World Report’s 100 Best Jobs of 2016. We’ve managed to talk about a wide variety of industries, ranging from topics like health care, all the way to technology, engineering, math and management. This last segment will include a series of jobs that don’t quit fit in with everything else, but can still be great career options for the right person – especially for those who might be interested in serving others as a career.

Here we go…

These are Some of the Best Management Jobs of 2016

Continuing on our theme of discussing the U.S. News and World Report’s 100 Best Jobs of 2016 list and what that means to DCCCD, we’re talking this week about jobs with management roles. At first glance, you might not necessarily see how each of these jobs are connected. But the thing they have in common is that they will usually require some ability to see things from a “big picture” point of view and keep track of various moving parts. All of them will require some level of people skills, as often these positions will involve hiring and supervising others.

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Special Offer: Buy One, Get One Tickets for Dallas Symphony Orchestra

You read right: the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is current offering buy one, get one free tickets to the third season of its innovative ReMix concert series. The upcoming program features brothers Bryce and Aaron Dessner, founding members of GRAMMY®-nominated indie rock band The National, as soloists on electric guitars on St. Carolyn by the Sea, a composition by Bryce Dessner.