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Your New Email Address Is Here! 

Have you signed in to your new Dallas College student email? Don’t miss important communication from Dallas College. Log in to your student email today.

Here’s how to access your student email account.

In December, Dallas College added a new email to your account.

This new email is your first initial, last name and a number, alongside

  • Example: 

It’s the new official way Dallas College will communicate with you

Dallas College is now using your new student email for all communications including messages from faculty and about registration, financial aid, graduation, campus events and more. We will no longer email you using your personal email address.

Please use your student email when messaging your instructors and college staff. This will help ensure all your college information is available in one place and add additional security when communicating with Dallas College faculty and staff. 

Check your student email regularly

We recommend that you check your Dallas College email at least once per day. To make access easier, add your student account to your Apple or Android email app or forward messages from your student account to a personal email address.

All students also have free access to the web-based and desktop versions of Office 365, which include Outlook.

If you need technical help with your student email account, call the Dallas College Help Desk at 1-866-374-7169.

Browse our FAQs about student email.

Additional Details:

  • Students don’t need to do anything to activate the new address. 
  • Your login for Dallas College services, like eCampus, will remain the same ( 
  • Your current address will still work for the immediate future, but you’ll want to begin updating your addresses on various communications, as well as on any platforms where you use your email for login, subscriptions or a secondary recovery email. 


What do you mean by “official way Dallas College will communicate with you?”

After Dec. 19, the official way Dallas College staff, faculty will communicate with you will be using your new email. This includes information about registration, financial aid, graduation, campus events, class updates and more. The new email address will help Dallas College ensure deliverability of the messages, help Dallas College staff and faculty quickly verify your identity in email conversations and help ensure messages between you and Dallas College are more secure.

What’s my new address?

The new email alias is your first initial, last name and a number, alongside You can log in to your new email using your Dallas College username and password.

Will my login change?

Your Dallas College single sign-on will remain the same. You will still use your username to login to single sign-on services. Services that are not single sign-on will remain the same unless changed by the system administrator. 

What about other students and contacts that have my email address?

Your email address will continue to receive emails for the immediate future. However, you should start notifying your contacts of the new address to be sure they have the latest information. 

Why are we making the change? 

The new email addresses will help strengthen our brand as Dallas College and better reflect who we are as Dallas College. The new aliases will also address an ongoing concern many students have about sharing an email address with their student ID in the email address. 

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