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Make the Most of Your Last Semester in College

So, you’ve made it to your last semester at Dallas College. Congratulations! We’re proud to help you achieve your next goal, whether it’s graduating, starting a new career or planning another adventure. 

But before you go, make sure you take full advantage of the Dallas College experience. Yes, that means great perks like career services and academic help, but we’ve also got loads of fun stuff to enjoy before graduation day. Have you cheered on our champion athletes, sniffed around our gardens and scored free swag? 

Read on and get inspired to create your own Last Semester Bucket List. 

  1. Attend a playoff basketball game. Several of Dallas College’s campus basketball teams are reliable March Madness contenders, including the 2017, 2015 and 2011 national champions (North Lake, Richland and Mountain View). Catch them in action on campus, and cheer on your classmates before they head to this year’s national tournaments. All games are free. 
  1. Have a student-cooked gourmet lunch. El Centro’s culinary students prepare and serve multicourse meals at affordable prices every Thursday during the semester. The menus change regularly, so check out what’s cooking soon and enjoy a bargain multi-course meal prepared by Dallas’ next generation of leading chefs. 
  1. Enjoy a walking trail. This spring, take an extra few minutes after class to enjoy the great outdoors. Many of our campuses boast beautiful walking trails, like the Vitruvian Trail at Brookhaven, the lake loop at North Lake and Richland’s waterfront paths. They’re a great way to rest and relax your mind before your next class. If you don’t have time for a trail, many campuses have student-run community gardens to enjoy. 
  1. Meet the artists. Our campus art galleries frequently show special exhibits dedicated to local artists, including Dallas College students and staff. If you’ve admired the art, take things one step further by attending a reception, where the artist will talk about their work and answer your questions. There are usually refreshments and snacks, too. (Many receptions serve cake!) 
  1. Grab those student discounts. Have you enjoyed claiming your student discount at a museum, movie or game? While you still can, enjoy lower prices to everything from the Dallas Mavericks to the Dallas Symphony. Learn more about all the savings you can enjoy after class.  
  1. Really explore your campus. If you’ve just walked from the front door to the classroom and the bathroom, take an afternoon to really look around at everything else on campus. Each of our campuses has hidden gems, like sculpture studios, music halls and hidden study nooks. Many contain free sharing library shelves, surprising artwork or unexpected views. Maybe you’ll locate the perfect meditation spot, a foosball table or a vending machine with even better snacks. 
  1. Register and vote on campus. Spring 2022 includes primary elections for statewide and federal races, as well as possible local elections, depending on where you live. Dallas College campuses are early voting locations open to all Dallas County residents. Vote between classes and make your voice heard. Not registered yet? We often hold registration drives on campus, too. (Or you can start the registration process now. Voting is important!) 
  1. Grab some college swag. You’ll want a souvenir of your time here, apart from the degree, life skills and memories. Swing by the bookstore and grab a hat, hoodie, water bottle or another bit of swag. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to score free stuff, too, like student life events. The best things in life are free, and that definitely includes free T-shirts. 
  1. Hit the gym. Each Dallas College campus has a fitness center that’s open to credit students, and several have swimming pools, too. Some campus fitness centers are free of charge for all students, while others are free to students in physical education classes but charge others a small fee for full-semester access. Learn more about our gyms, pools, tennis courts and running tracks. 
  1. Take a class just for fun. If you’ve got room on your schedule, take a fun class you don’t need, just because you want to. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write poetry, make jewelry, play soccer or practice guitar with a professional instructor. Flex term and continuing education classes are offered all year long, with a variety of starting dates. Don’t miss this chance
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