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Why Are Corporations Committed to Sustainability?

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  • Why Are Corporations Committed to Sustainability?
  • Summit Recordings Now Available Online
  • Join Dallas College’s Sustainability Book Club
  • Upcoming Events

Why Are Corporations Committed to Sustainability? Because It’s Good for Business …

The transition to a just, clean energy economy is real, and it’s happening now. Consider these signs:

  • More than 50 major companies, including Amazon, Walmart, General Motors and now FedEx, have pledged to go carbon neutral by 2040.
  • Six automobile manufacturers (including Ford, General Motors and Mercedes) are phasing out gasoline car sales by 2040.
  • Black Rock, the world’s largest asset investor, has begun screening all potential investments against sustainability criteria and is divesting its fossil fuel investments. “Actions that damage society will catch up with a company and destroy shareholder value,” said its CEO, Larry Fink.

What benefits will sustainable businesses reap? Below are some examples:

  • Higher Profits — Demand for sustainable products is high. Consumers and investors want to support corporations that are working for the collective good, and they are willing to pay more for products that are good for people, the planet and our prosperity.
  • Risk Mitigation — Unsustainable business practices have harmful effects on the environment and consumers. Sustainable business practices help corporations avoid spending hard-earned profits on legal fees and settlements.
  • Talent Recruitment A commitment to sustainability provides a higher purpose for corporations beyond selling products and services; this helps them attract young, talented employees who want their employers to embrace social causes.
  • Enhanced Brand — Sustainable business practices can protect a company from negative media. In the age of social media, external criticism has the potential to dismantle a corporation.

Sustainability is a trending topic of conversation, but it is far from being a passing fad. Much like the antismoking campaigns of the 20th century, the concept of sustainability has turned into a movement that will continue to positively transform corporations, the environment and our society.


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Sustainability Summit and TRACS Summit Recordings Now Available Online

If you didn’t get to watch the online Sustainability Summit (Nov. 5) or Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRACS) Summit (Nov. 8-9) live, check out the recordings, which will be available until May 31. Just visit the websites below and click on the “View the Session” buttons.

Join Dallas College’s Sustainability Book Club

Beginning in February 2022, Dallas College will be hosting an online Sustainability Book Club that is open to the public as well as to Dallas College students and employees. The first book we’ll discuss is “Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World” by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.

The club will meet twice a month, on the second and fourth Friday of the month from noon to 1 p.m.


Upcoming Events

February 2022

Feb. 1, 2022 
Noon to 1 p.m.  

The Heart of Community Engagement: Practitioner Stories From Across the Globe
How do you work with local communities for a sustainable and resilient future? Dr. Wilson shares a few stories from her book, “The Heart of Community Engagement,” to illustrate how effective change agents learn the inner art of community engagement as well as the outer art of awareness-based practice. In the end the people will say, “We did it ourselves.” 
Patricia A. Wilson, University of Texas School of Architecture 
Register for Feb. 1 event. 
Feb. 8, 2022 
Noon to 1 p.m.  
The RightCycle Program by Kimberly-Clark Professional, in Partnership With Grainger
Is your personal protective equipment (PPE) recyclable? Ours is! Instead of used PPE such as protective clothing, nitrile gloves and safety glasses going into the trash (and landfills), these previously hard-to-recycle items are collected at your facility and turned into new consumer goods. 
Representatives from Kimberly-Clark and Grainger 
Register for Feb. 8 event. 
Feb. 15, 2022 
Noon to 1 p.m.  
Renewable Energy for Nonengineers: Personal and Professional Opportunities
This presentation aims to generate excitement and promote accessibility for the many opportunities in the renewable energy sector as it continues to expand. Though engineering is undoubtedly a prominent field represented within the industry, there is a strong need for support from other professions and career paths. Nexus PMG hopes to use this platform to open the door to the renewable energy field and empower students with different backgrounds, passions and interests to seek opportunities in this growing industry. 
Taylor Elgin 
Register for Feb. 15 event 
Feb. 22, 2022 
Noon to 1 p.m.  
Bridging the Gap From Prison to Promise
On Feb. 15, 2012, Texas’ highest state court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, found Richard Miles innocent of a murder and attempted murder for which he had been incarcerated 15 years but had nothing to do with. While incarcerated, Richard unsuccessfully appealed his conviction in July 1997 and was denied his first Writ of Habeas Corpus in February 2006. He was released from prison on Oct. 10, 2009. But the fight was far from over.

Richard Miles founded Miles of Freedom, a Dallas nonprofit that seeks to deal with the entire structure of re-entry when it comes to the previously incarcerated individual coming home. Their mission is to equip, empower and employ people returning home from prison and provide support and assistance for families and communities impacted by incarceration.

Register for this webinar to hear Richard’s story and his work in the Dallas community. 
Richard Miles 
Register for Feb. 22 event

Take the Pledge

Renew Texas 2025
Join us in taking the Renew Texas 2025 pledge to use electricity generated from 100% renewable energy by 2025.
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