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Workers Gain Skills as Apprenticeship Programs Expand

National Apprenticeship week is Nov. 13-19, 2017. Let’s take a minute to learn more about the apprenticeship programs in North Texas.

Why Apprenticeships?

With a growing demand for skilled workers across the country, apprenticeships are vitally important in meeting workforce needs — especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the state of Texas. Apprenticeships support Texas’ industrial, commercial and private sectors by providing qualified, skilled workers.

“Apprenticeships are a proven solution for recruiting, training and retaining world-class talent,” notes the Texas Workforce Commission in its apprenticeship brochure.

In short, apprenticeship programs grow the talent that helps grow businesses (which contributes directly to economic development and our global economy). That same growth also supports education and local communities — both of which are critical to the success of our cities and our state.

A Collaborative Effort

To equip area businesses with skilled and talented employees, the Dallas County Community College District collaborates with the state to support career and technical apprenticeship programs in North Texas and northwest Texas.

The district provides training to businesses, including instructors who are skilled journey tradespeople and/or trained educators with years of experience in their field. The program ensures that applied techniques, hands-on experience, lab experience and integrated learning are included in classroom instruction based on industry standards.

Are Apprentices Paid? Are Apprenticeships Full Time?

Apprentices are typically full-time employees who work a regular 40-hour workweek and attend related training classes. Apprentices are paid established wages that increase progressively as the apprentice continues in the program. They literally earn while they learn!

Upon completion of the program, apprentices receive pay as a certified journey worker and are awarded a certificate of completion from the Department of Labor. Nearly nine out of 10 apprentices are employed after completing their apprenticeship program. The average annual starting salary is $60,000.

Current Apprenticeship Programs by Location

Nationally, more than 150,000 employers and labor management organizations benefit from apprenticeships. For every dollar spent on apprenticeship programs, employers get approximately $1.50 return on their investment.

In North Texas, DCCCD is growing and strengthening its apprenticeship programs. Check out current apprenticeship offerings at

Join the Conversation

Join the national movement to expand the conversation around the positive impact of apprenticeships. Use hashtag #NAW17 on social media during National Apprenticeship Week.

Ideas for sharing:

  1. Tell everyone how apprenticeship programs benefit you.
  2. Share a photo or short video on social media showing what your apprenticeship program looks like.
  3. Help separate fact from fiction: Share these graphics online.
  4. Ask and/or answer a question! Throughout the week, many current and aspiring apprentices as well as businesses and government leaders will be watching the #NAW17 hashtag and will be able to answer your questions. Have an answer yourself? Don’t be shy!
  5. Share a tip: Do you have insight into apprenticeship opportunities or resources? Share them online.
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