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Meet Ezra: One Student, Two Seemingly Unrelated Majors

Last updated on October 4, 2019

This post is written by Ezra Calado, a DCCCD student blogger and Richland student.

Hiii everyone! I’m Ezra and I am an Accounting and Human Rights major at Richland College. I’m planning to transfer to SMU or UTD depending on financial aid packages and scholarships, so fingers crossed. Ideally, I would love to work in the United Nations and find my way in the legislative process as a congresswoman but those are just plans, I’m open to where life takes me.

But let’s talk about my major: Accounting? Yeah, sure, cool… but combine it with Human Rights and it’s a little bit confusing. Well, here’s a great testament to the good things Richland has done for me:

I joined the Honors Academy at Richland as soon as I registered for classes and found a magical class: Accounting. You hear accounting, you hear math. I hate math and that’s relatively common statement nowadays. However, one honors accounting course allowed me to explore what accounting actually entails. Fast forward to spring 2015 where the Honors Academy was hosting the Honors Conference with the theme: Human Rights. And BOOM, a strange combination was created.

I’ve always been invested with discourse on global issues, particularly social issues and how it affects the economy. So it’s not a surprise the subjects I was passionate about were finally translated into a major. 🙂

That year of discovery was my jumping point for everything else that has unfolded in my short time at Richland.

Now to be honest, high school senior Ezra would not be screaming that I attend a DCCCD college, but now I vocally express how much I love DCCCD and its schools. I was reluctant to get involved on campus because I did not want the burden of carrying the stigma of being a teenage mom but my identity has been fostered and nurtured and I continue to develop as a student and as a leader. My dreams and goals have matured in this community, and that’s the beauty of DCCCD. Despite the diversity of students, their cultures, their aspirations, and their backgrounds, people are united with their dreams, determination, spirit and successes.

I love coffee, I love to-do lists, I love planning and I even have a time on my schedule to work on my schedule. That’s me in a nutshell. And next on my to-do list: quit caffeine. 🙂


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