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We Have Degrees and Certificates for the Best Jobs of 2013

Last updated on June 25, 2021

photo of college studentsThe 30 best jobs of 2013, according to U.S. News & World Report’s list of the top 100 jobs, cover a range of industries, with half in health care and almost a third in computer information technology. The colleges of DCCCD offer the degrees and certificates you would need for 22 of the 30 best jobs. (See our post about the 25 best jobs of 2012 to compare the 2013 list to the 2012 list.)

The 30 Best Jobs (and our college programs that go with them):

  1. Dentist (Dental Assisting)
  2. Registered nurse (Nursing)
  3. Pharmacist (Pharmacy Technician)
  4. Computer systems analyst (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Digital Forensics)
  5. Physician
  6. Database administrator (Computer Information Technology – Programming)
  7. Software developer (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Internet Development Technologies)
  8. Physical therapist
  9. Web developer (Computer Information Technology – Web/Internet Services, Internet Development Technologies)
  10. Dental hygienist (Dental Assisting)
  11. Occupational therapist
  12. Veterinarian (Veterinary Technology)
  13. Computer programmer (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Internet Development Technologies)
  14. School psychologist
  15. Physical therapist assistant (Physical Therapy Aide)
  16. Interpreter and translator
  17. Mechanical engineer (Engineering Emphasis Degrees)
  18. Veterinary technologist and technician (Veterinary Technology)
  19. Epidemiologist
  20. IT manager (Computer Information Technology – Networking/Security or PC Support)
  21. Market research analyst (Marketing Careers)
  22. Diagnostic medical sonographer (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
  23. Computer systems administrator (Computer Information Technology – Networking/Security)
  24. Respiratory therapist (Respiratory Care)
  25. Medical secretary (Medical Front Office, Medical Staff Services)
  26. Civil engineer (Engineering Emphasis Degrees)
  27. Substance abuse counselor (Substance Abuse Counseling)
  28. Speech-language pathologist
  29. Landscaper and groundskeeper
  30. Radiologic technologist (Radiologic Sciences)
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