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We Are Dallas College: Tometra Williams

Last updated on April 18, 2024

Can you tell us about your journey to Dallas College and what makes your story unique? 

My journey to Dallas College began in Arkansas. After graduating, I found myself in a unique position where I needed to care for my grandmother, whose health was declining. This involved assisting her with everyday tasks due to her mobility issues. I remember telling my grandma that I felt behind in the classroom. But, she put her arm around me and said, ‘Your path is not their path. And your goal is not their goal. Whatever the Lord set out for and has planned for my existence, is not the same for everybody else.’ At first, I sat on those words, but as time moved on, I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. My grandma just knew what to say. Through this experience, I discovered a passion for helping others, particularly older adults.

It’s remarkable that you found your passion through caring for your grandmother. What was the transition like for you moving from Arkansas to Dallas? 

The transition wasn’t without its challenges, but having family in Dallas made the move smoother. Adapting to the faster pace of life in Dallas compared to Arkansas was a change, but I embraced it. My upbringing instilled discipline in me, which helped me navigate this transition with determination. If I had a chance to tell my grandma something now, I would tell her, ‘Look at me, I made something of myself.’

Did you always have a passion for the medical field, or did caring for your grandmother solidify your interest?

My family background in the medical field influenced me, but it was caring for my grandmother that truly ignited my passion. Witnessing the impact of health care professionals on her life inspired me to pursue a career where I could make a difference in people’s lives, particularly older adults who often need compassionate care.

Returning to school after a gap can be daunting. What motivated you to overcome any challenges and pursue your education at Dallas College?

Discipline and motivation played crucial roles in my decision to return to school. My mother instilled discipline in me from a young age, emphasizing the importance of academic achievement. Despite the gap between high school and college, I remained focused on my goals and leaned on my family’s support to navigate the challenges of returning to education.

Do you feel a sense of responsibility or importance in being a role model for others like yourself?

Absolutely. While there are challenges, I choose to focus on the positive impact I can make. My mother’s example in the health care field showed me the importance of compassionate care regardless of background. I hope to inspire more African Americans to pursue careers in health care driven by passion and empathy, ultimately contributing to positive change in the field.

What is your dream job/career and why? How will your education in the OTA program help get you there?

I want to be a trainer for either a professional basketball or track and field team. Working on a collegiate level would suffice as well. I want to be the person that goes out on the field when a player unfortunately gets hurt. Also being present to watch the games is an automatic plus for me as well. I believe my education in the OTA program at Dallas College will help emphasize my understanding of human anatomy, kinesiology and physiology which is essential information needed for my career. I will also learn about therapeutic interventions, rehabilitation techniques, and strategies for promoting health and wellness.

Finally, what legacy do you hope to leave behind as you continue your journey in the medical field?

I aspire to be remembered as a team player who always prioritizes helping others with a friendly and approachable demeanor. Whether it’s through patient care, mentoring, or simply being there for others, I want to leave a positive impact wherever I go. My goal is to inspire others to embrace kindness and empathy in their own endeavors.

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