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Take Your Educational Experience Out of This World

Last updated on March 20, 2024

Dallas College wants its students to have an out-of-this-world experience. Seriously.

The college’s Office of Student Life and Engagement launched its latest initiative called SPACE – Student Programs and Campus Engagement – to enhance the student experience.

By joining the SPACE program, students have the opportunity to redefine what the Dallas College experience is all about with a voice in how various events and activities are designed. Additionally, there are opportunities for community engagement, training and development, and leadership growth.

Students are raving about the program early on. Here’s what several have said about the benefits of joining SPACE:

Jason Tejeda: “SPACE has allowed me to ensure that this college isn’t just for academic purposes but as well as a place to relax and have fun.”

Aislyn Smith: “SPACE is a powerful opportunity for those at Dallas College, offering them a chance to learn and grow in a safe environment while working with their peers. The best part is that is also lets students create events that other students can enjoy and participate in, fostering a more social and tight-knit community.”

Malak Elkady: “I really like the idea of SPACE because not only can the students help plan events and activities around campus, but the students can also get experience in a way that isn’t too stressful or time consuming. It’s also a good way to meet others and build a relationship with other students in a way that may be difficult otherwise.”

Emanuel Kisin: “I believe it’s important to be involved in Student Life and one of the ways I was able to do that is through SPACE.”

Interested students are encouraged to fill out this SPACE interest form for more information. Students interested in becoming full-on “crew” members should fill out this form.

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