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Download the New Dallas College Safety and Security App

Last updated on October 13, 2023

The new Dallas College Safety and Security app connects the college community with police and safety resources.

With the app, users can stay safe on campus with Police Virtual Walk, stay informed in an emergency, be there for friends with the Friend Walk and easily connect with the Student Care Network and many other college resources.

What is the Dallas College Safety and Security app?

It’s a personal safety app that allows the college community to communicate with Dallas College Police and connect with other college services. The app puts personal safety tools and resources at your fingertips in a format that is designed for ease of use.

Is it for both students and employees?

Yes. The Dallas College Safety and Security App provides added security to help both students and employees feel safe on campus.

How will this benefit students and employees?

The app allows the Dallas College community, students, faculty and staff to interact and communicate with the police department by sharing information to help keep our community and facilities safe. The app provides immediate communication with the police department to access help in an emergency, bolstering the peace of mind of the Dallas College community.

How does this new app work?

Once the app is opened, the user will see the Dallas College Safety and Security News feed across the top of the screen providing safety alerts and Dallas College general information.

Below the news feed, there are 12 features used to communicate with Dallas College Police and easily connect with other Dallas College services.

  • College Police Emergency
  • Crisis Lifeline
  • Friend Walk
  • Police Virtual Walk
  • Safety Toolbox
  • Report a Tip
  • Emergency Card
  • Work Alone
  • Support Resources
  • Public Health
  • Campus Maps
  • About/Preferences

How will this help students and employees to connect with college police and safety services?

The app places resources in the hands of the Dallas College community, making those resources and connections with the police department more readily available.

In the event of an emergency, how will police respond and what is the anticipated response time?

There is no difference in the response or response time whether someone requests the police by the app or by telephone.

Does downloading the app compromise my personal information?

No. The Dallas College Safety app was reviewed and tested by the college’s IT department and is secure.

Will the app track my phone activity?

If staff or students choose the Police Virtual Walk or Work Alone features, they will need to share their location with dispatch who will then be able to track their location. Once they’re finished and no longer need help from the police, they should end sharing their phone activity and location with the police.

Does this new safety app replace the Rave Guardian app?

Yes, this is an upgrade that replaces the Rave Guardian app.

Find the app in the Apple App store and Google Play store

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