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We Are Dallas College: Kianna Vaughn

Last updated on August 16, 2023

Tell us about your Dallas College journey.

I didn’t immediately go to college after high school due to financial reasons. I started working right away. I currently work in human resources but felt stagnant. I realized I needed an education to advance in my career field, so I returned to school in January last year. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge through my classes and made younger friends who I still interact with. The community at Dallas College has provided valuable resources and opportunities. I plan to attend a university after obtaining my associate degree here. My dream job would be working in HR with the Dallas Mavericks. I’m a huge fan. It’s my favorite team, and I’ve always had a passion for them.

You’re in PTK, Chancellor’s Honor Roll and you received a scholarship to go to Dallas College. What obstacles have you overcome and what motivates you to achieve these accomplishments?

Despite the challenges of being diabetic and legally blind, I don’t let naysayers discourage me. Academic success is crucial to me. I joined PTK in November of 2022 and became part of the Chancellor’s Honor Roll in January of 2023. This taught me that obstacles can be overcome. I’ve learned to ignore the negativity and always strive toward my goals.

You have a passion for diversity and inclusion, specifically for disabled minorities. How do you envision promoting that?

Many people underestimate individuals with disabilities, but that shouldn’t stop us from being hired and contributing to companies and organizations. I want to create more opportunities and growth for disabled individuals in the workplace.

Has anything unexpected come of your college experience?

I started writing a book. It’s a lady’s book club kind of book, focused on dating. My English professor here at Dallas College and the writing assignments in my class inspired me to do so. Interacting with classmates and discussing books sparked my passion for writing.

Is there anyone at Dallas College who has been particularly supportive or influential in your journey?

Lisa Frost, my success coach, has been incredible. She kept me on track, helped me find classes that worked with my schedule since I’m working full-time and provided valuable guidance.

What legacy do you want to leave?

That I pushed forward. I was diagnosed at 4 years old. I was told there was a lot that I wouldn’t be able to do or experience, but I did it anyway. I want to be remembered as someone who persevered despite the challenges I faced from a young age. I hope to inspire others to stay strong, push forward, and achieve their goals.

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