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Earn College Credit for Your Business Experience

You’ve already done the work. Why not take the credit?

If you have business experience and you’re looking to boost your career with a college degree, you can convert your experience into college credit. At Dallas College, we’ll help you do it.

In our workshop, you’ll work directly with Dallas College business faculty to build a portfolio demonstrating your professional credentials. You’ll discuss and document the lessons you have already learned. By the end, you’ll be able to show how your real-world skills have taught you the same lessons that a college curriculum would.

There’s no reason to take intro classes when you’ve already done the work.

This one workshop can help you claim up to 15 credit hours of college education. That’s a full semester of classes, over $1,000 of savings for a Dallas County resident. Eligible classes include fields like management, human resources and marketing. You could be a semester closer to a business degree before you even start.

Learn more about our Prior Learning Assessment workshops and get started now.

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