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Dallas College Seeks Tax Clinic Volunteers

Last updated on January 20, 2022

Gain real-world accounting experience this Spring semester by volunteering to help community members with their tax returns.  

Through the Dallas Community Tax Centers Program and IRS, Dallas College is hosting a series of tax return clinics for taxpayers earning less than $58,000 annually or ages 65 and older. You can volunteer to provide clients free help filling out their 2021 tax returns. All forms are reviewed and approved by certified public accountants and other tax professionals before being submitted to the IRS.  

If you want to help people with their tax returns, you must pass the Basic Income Tax Returns certification exam by 80% to qualify. Training for the exam is free, virtual and self-paced. Sign up through this form and complete the training as soon as possible to start volunteering. Registration is open from Saturday, Jan. 22, through Saturday, Feb. 19.  

If you do not pass the exam or wish to volunteer in other ways, the clinics have a variety of roles to fill, such as translators, logistics coordinators and greeters. Register by completing the form, and you will be sent more information on specialized training for each position.  

For your efforts, you will receive volunteer hours and a summary of your role from the IRS to place on your resume.  

For more information, please contact Regina Brown, accounting faculty, at 972-860-7095 or  

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