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Map Your Route to Success with Geographic Information Systems

Last updated on November 8, 2021

Are you an Apple Maps user? Or more of a Google Maps fan? Do you use Waze every day?  

No matter which app you use, a geographic information system (GIS) professional helped build the map that got you where you needed to go.  

GIS turns geographic data into intelligent and usable maps, like the ones you use on your phone. It’s a way to gather, analyze and visualize geographic data as a map to make better decisions. These maps are required to manage communities, industries and governments across the globe. The GIS Technology program prepares students for careers in this rapidly growing industry. 

“Our program is the toolbox that makes our students highly valuable to employers,” said Scott Sires, GIS program coordinator. “We have a good gauge on what the field needs from our graduates, and this program gives them the skills to be successful.” 

GIS is one of three technologies, along with global positioning satellite (GPS) technology and remote sensing (RS) technology, that fall under the umbrella of geospatial technology.  

GIS technology used to be considered as just a way to make physical maps, but it’s now used in almost every corner of the world. Local governments, engineering firms, power and utility companies, as well as the retail industry, all utilize GIS maps, creating a big need for skilled employees in this field. GIS analysts can earn around $27.88 an hour in an entry-level job with the earning potential only going up from there.  

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, the Dallas College GIS program will celebrate GIS Day with an interactive technology demonstration event at Brookhaven Campus. Drop by Building H, Room H105, to check out technology used in augmented reality, SONAR, drones, GPS and more.  

A few weeks later, on Wednesday, Dec. 8, GIS will host the Energy Management Collaborative College Presentation. Students will present their semester projects and findings, and industry professionals will share their experiences with hiring Dallas College GIS graduates. 

Learn more about the GIS program at Dallas College.

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