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Check Out North Lake Campus’ Beautiful New Mural

Just in time for the fall semester, Dallas College North Lake art instructor Brett Dyer has completed an enormous new mural, “The Proof Is in the Flowers,” which will greet students as they arrive on campus.

Dyer’s mural measures 1,600 square feet on the side of the G building, across from the library at the Walnut Hill Lane entrance to campus. “The Proof Is in the Flowers” is the result of, Dyer estimates, between 100 and 150 hours of work over the course of 22 days of full-time painting. A fellow instructor, Allison Gillies, also helped with priming and background colors.

Dyer says, “Sunflowers, and flowers in general, have always been a symbol of hope, inspiration, growth, and mortality. Since I was I child, I have drawn and painted flowers with the hopes of cheering up family members and others who struggle with mental health. I hope this mural serves as a colorful and inviting welcome to our students and community inspiring growth, creativity, and hope.

“I added abstract bluebonnets and more color to make the piece more representative of our beautiful campus and culture.”

Check out photos below of the completed artwork. Or, better yet, stop by North Lake soon and see the mural for yourself.

“The Proof Is in the Flowers” by Brett Dyer at Dallas College North Lake
North Lake art instructor Brett Dyer poses in front of his creation.
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