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Dallas College Launches Esports League

Last updated on August 9, 2021

Students will soon be able to brandish their gaming skills this fall in the newly launched Esports division at Dallas College! Through teams at each of its seven campuses, Dallas College students will compete as members of the National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE) where they can experience team dynamics, school representation, and campus life.

Esports is the only national Esports association exclusively for two-year colleges and provides students access to the variety of tournaments, such as Rocket League, Madden 21, Call of Duty: Cold War: Gunfight, NBA 2K21, Valorant, Overwatch, and Call of Duty: Cold War. 

“We are extremely excited to be joining the NJCAAE Esports Community, and to provide such a wonderful opportunity for our students.” Said Sadiaa Jones, Dallas College Athletics director. “Dallas College Athletics is so fortunate to have such great support from our presidents like Dr. Joseph and Dr. Seabrooks, as well as our campus and local communities!”

To participate in a Dallas College Esports team, the player must be enrolled as a student, older than age 13 and reside in the United States. The teams will be governed by a part-time coach and all students are required to apply, regardless of skill level. Campus teams will compete against each other, along with neighboring colleges and universities.

Jones is excited to see this vital sports program begin at Dallas College. Esports will support and enhance the variety of degree programs that Dallas College provides, she said.

“Dallas College offers several degree programs in the gaming and computer industries, allowing students to do exactly what they love,” Jones said. “This wide range of degrees could lead to lucrative career opportunities both in and out of the game design industry.”

Visit the Dallas College Athletics website for more information.

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