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Dealing with Election Day Stress

So, today is going to be a long day for all of us. Regardless of how you’re voting, we’ll all be compelled to turn on our TVs and watch Election Day coverage, or we’ll be glued to our phones as results roll in — so on and so forth. 

It’s stressful and not at all fun. To help, we’ve adapted some tips from the University of Northern Colorado Counseling Center, Penn State Harrisburg Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Tufts University Counseling and Mental Health Services to help you get through what will probably be a long night. 

Try a few of these out tonight and see if it helps you cut through the stress: 

  • Unplug: Limit your consumption of social media and news outlets. You want to stay informed, of course, but you also want to create boundaries, as well. At some point, scrolling through Twitter every five minutes becomes counterproductive. Try setting specific times during the day to check-in and limit your consumption. 
  • Be present: There is no right or wrong way to feel. Use reflection to recognize your inner thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to how you experience stress and practice stress reduction techniques that work for you.
  • Refuel: To be blunt: get some sleep! The results will still be there when you wake up. Take care of your needs for sleep and nutrition. Don’t overdo the snacks, friends. Take a moment to hydrate, eat a healthy snack and move. Go on a walk. Get a quick stretch in. It doesn’t take too long. 
  • Make healthy choices: Using substances to dull your feelings ultimately leaves you feeling more depleted. Do something productive with your feelings. Write something. Draw something. Knockout a quick workout. Create something cool tonight!  
  • Connect: Engage with supportive friends and allies. Talk about current issues, if needed, but know when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Not everyone will share your perspective, so it’s OK to limit your topics and avoid heated conflict. Reach out to supportive services on-campus. We’re here to help! 
  • Do something: Channel what you’re feeling into positive, meaningful activity. Be informed and proactive around issues that matter to you. Find ways to engage in your community through advocacy in ways that fit for you. Volunteer or advocate for a cause you are passionate about! It can go a long way in making you feel better. 

Regardless of what happens tonight, remember there are resources for you here on each of our campuses. If you’re having trouble, you can always reach out and someone will be more than happy to talk and help you sort things out. Be kind to yourself, friends. 

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