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Elections Need Poll Workers (Maybe You?)!

So, there’s an important election coming up. They’re all important, but you know what we mean. To make those elections go, the Dallas County needs poll workers. That’s where you (might) enter the picture.

If you’re interested in helping this election run as smoothly as possible,check out how you can help below. If you decide to help, you will work during early voting, which is from Oct. 13 through Oct. 30, and on Election Day, Nov. 3.


Workers must be 18 years old or older, have a social security number and be registered to vote in Dallas County. Dallas County Election workers are paid either $12 or $16 an hour, depending on the type of election.

Clerks must be at least 16-18 years old and enrolled in a public, private high school or homeschooled, and have the consent of the principal (or parent/legal guardian in charge of education in home school). The Dallas County Elections Department must receive written authorization from the student’s parent or guardian for the student to serve in the election for which they are appointed.


Workers will greet each voter as they enter the polling place, verify the eligibility of potential voters, assist the Election Judge and other election duties as assigned.

Clerks will assist their local election officials by filling positions at polling places on Election Day and working under the direction of the polling place presiding Judge.

Bilingual Clerks will assist the Judge in various duties, including translating Spanish when necessary.

Work Hours

Early Voting workers should be available to work for approximately two weeks, including the weekend. Shifts typically will not exceed 40 hours per week

Election Day workers should be available to work a minimum of 12 hours on Nov. 3.

Worker Application Process

If you’re interested, check out this information and fill out the appropriate application:

Student Poll Worker Application Process

Deadline: Friday, Sept. 29

For Information:

DCE Student Poll Worker Program

Published by AAUW North Dallas Branch

Pick Up Your White Card

You can pick up your white cards to register at the following Dallas College locations today!

  • Brookhaven Campus “W” Building (Room W105)
  • Cedar Valley Campus ( “M” Building Room M105)
  • Eastfield Campus (“C” Bldg. -TBD)
  • Pleasant Grove Center (Community Rooms 108/109)
  • El Centro Campus (Student Center)
  • West Dallas Center (Rooms 141-142)
  • Mountain View Campus “E” Building (Main Lobby)
  • North Lake Campus (“L” Building – Community Library)
  • Garland Center (Main Lobby)
  • Richland Campus (Guadalupe “G” Bldg- Foyer Area)
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