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DCCCD’s Statement on Equity and Equality

At DCCCD, we are deeply committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusivity.

Along with that comes the responsibility of standing up against racism and police brutality against the black community.

We can’t continue to sincerely call ourselves inclusive and stay silent in the face of social injustices playing out right in front of us.

We are appalled by the death of George Floyd and the subsequent violent response by police to protestors.

As a community college, we’re called on to serve our entire community and uphold a position of justice for all. 

So we stand in solidarity with you.

We stand with everybody calling for justice in the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless others that have gone unseen.

We stand for equity and equality for the black community.

The fight is a long one, but we cannot stay silent, and we will not remain neutral.

We will use our collective voice on this nation’s long journey toward justice, equity and equality.

Signed by DCCCD Chancellor Dr. Joe May 

And All College Presidents 

Dr. Linda Braddy 

Dr. Joseph Seabrooks 

Dr. Eddie Tealer 

Dr. José Adames 

Dr. Beatriz Joseph 

Dr. Christa Slejko 

Dr. Kathryn K. Eggleston

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