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DCCCD Students: Preparing for Online Classes

Last updated on April 11, 2020

DCCCD Students,

Thank you for your incredible flexibility as our colleges, community, state and nation face this unprecedented coronavirus response. While we can’t change the situation, we are working to provide you with as much accurate and reliable information as possible.  

DCCCD classes will resume on Monday, March 30. All classes will be delivered to you online, through eCampusl. To help you stay informed, we’ve created a webpage with contact information for college services.  

Please note that you should email each department and not show up at the college. 

At this moment, the colleges are closed to the general public, and there is very limited access allowed to the college buildings to keep you as safe as possible.

Your classes will continue through DCCCD’s eCampus system, and you should continue to commit between eight to 10 hours of study each week for each course you are enrolled in. Please contact your instructor with any questions about the course content.

Please start now to ensure you complete the following steps to successfully prepare for learning online: 

  1. Verify that you can log in to the eCampus portal and access your classes. If you need help:
  2. Before March 30, access your class in eCampus to read any announcements posted by your class instructors.
  3. Before March 30, check your email and read all communications from your instructors. 
  4. Prepare for future instruction through eCampus by visiting the Video Tutorials webpage. You may find several video topics that help prepare you to return to class.
  5. Be mindful that online instruction will follow a set calendar. Your instructor will provide you with a calendar and clear deadlines for completing your coursework each week. To optimize your success, prepare to meet these deadlines, and log in to your course site at least once every 48 hours or as directed by your instructor.  

Course Materials

Campus bookstores are currently closed, but there are two resources available to access course materials. Books and other materials may be ordered online from your campus bookstore with free shipping to your home. Some courses may also be eligible for free eBook access.

Library Books

Due dates for library materials are being automatically extended to the end of April. In the meantime, if you receive an overdue notice, please ignore it.

Companies Hiring Remote Workers

We’ve put together a list of Dallas-Fort Worth employers that have had openings for work-from-home positions within the past 30 days (Feb. 24-March 24). If you need work, we encourage you to contact each company directly for more information.

Staying Safe Online

Hackers are using this time to take advantage of unsuspecting people online. We urge you to be cautious while you are learning online. If you get messages from an unknown sender asking for money or gift cards, do not respond.

Internet Options

If you need reliable internet access, review these options: 

  • AT&T – Open hotspots, unlimited data for existing customers and $10/month plans for low-income families.
  • Charter – Free internet for 60 days for new K-12 and college student households.
  • Comcast – Free Wi-Fi for 60 days for low-income families, and all Xfinity hotspots are free to the public during this time.
  • Spectrum – Free internet service for 60 days for new customers.
  • Sprint – Unlimited data for existing customers, and all handsets can enable hotspots for 60 days at no extra charge.
  • T-Mobile – Unlimited data for existing customers, and all handsets can enable hotspots for 60 days at no extra charge.
  • Verizon – Currently, there are no advertised special offers, but the company is following Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agreements by waiving late fees and not disconnecting existing service.
  • Dallas Public Library – Dallas residents can take advantage of their new hotspot lending program.

We Care About Our Students

The colleges of DCCCD offer a variety of resources for our students. In addition, students can find community resources through My Community Services and discounts from various businesses and organizations on our student discount page (login required)

For additional information regarding DCCCD’s response to COVID-19, visit DCCCD’s Coronavirus Information page.

Thank you for being a student at our colleges. Above all, DCCCD cares about your success and your overall wellness. Please communicate your needs to your DCCCD instructor or your advisor at any time.

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