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Do You Know About All of the Resources Dallas Community Colleges Offer?

Last updated on January 21, 2020

As a student of Dallas Community Colleges, you have a lot of resources available to you! Everything from a free DART pass to free email and student discounts. Yep, you read that right! All for just being a student! You may have heard about some of these resources but just in case you’re new or have missed some, let’s go over them.

DART Student GoPass

Heading to class at one of the Dallas Community Colleges? How about an event downtown? Get there with DART! Simply show your Student GoPass using DART’s mobile app and your trip is free. There are some requirements, so be sure to check those out and sign up for your free DART GoPass.

Free Access to Student Email and Office 365

Free email and access to Office 365 is something you can’t live without in college. Use your DCCCD Student Email (Microsoft Outlook) to communicate with your classmates, professors, staff and anyone else who has an email address. It’s free if you’re a student. You can also enjoy Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word through Office 365. Simply log in with your eConnect username and password to get started.

Dallas County Promise

Dallas County Promise covers the cost of tuition at any of the seven Dallas County Community Colleges for up to three years or the completion of an associate degree (whichever comes first). Seniors in a Promise high school planning to attend one of the seven DCCCD colleges are eligible to become Promise Bound.

Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways clearly outline specific requirements that tell you which courses to enroll in and identify learning outcomes of each program. Guided pathways are available within each of the seven career paths offered at the colleges of DCCCD.

You choose from the following career paths:

  • Arts, Humanities, Communications and Design
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health Services
  • Industry, Manufacturing and Construction
  • Social Sciences and Public Service
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

A guided pathway helps you stay on track with your degree plan. It will also help you set academic goals based on your career interest and develop a plan to reach your goals. Finally, a guided pathway will create a smooth transition to a university or into the workforce.

Dental Cleaning at El Centro College

Are you aware that, as a DCCCD student, you’re eligible for free dental care? It’s true! El Centro’s Dental Hygiene program offers free dental hygiene services (except tooth whitening, which costs $75) through a teaching clinic. The program’s students make and confirm appointments for their patients. Appointments are available during the Fall semester (August through December), the Spring semester (January through May) and during the Summer session (in June only). Scheduling an appointment in advance is required because walk-in appointments are rarely available.

Free Counseling Services

You probably know or have ways to cope with stress but talking with a college counselor can help you find solutions to personal or academic problems. A professional counselor can assist you in learning how to find success in college and after college. The colleges of DCCCD have counselors who are licensed professionals and highly qualified to listen to your concerns and lend a helping hand.  Not on campus to schedule an appointment? Just give your college counseling center a call.

Food Pantry

According to the North Texas Food Bank, one in six North Texans don’t know where they will find their next meal. That means it is more difficult for students, colleagues and community members to put food on the table — even though our food costs are cheaper than the national average. All Dallas Community Colleges offer food pantries on their campuses to assist those in need.

My Community Services

Did you know that Dallas Community Colleges offers My Community Services that can help you find housing and other resources? It’s true! If you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry — you can check it out. My Community Services is a resource open to all students to help you find things like housing, food needs and financial resources. For example, you can search for free or reduced-cost services medical care, food or job training, and it will bring up resources that are available where you live.

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