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DCCCD mINiTERN Program: Building Professional Experience

Last updated on January 21, 2020

Are you interested in developing your professional skills, gaining real-world work experience and getting your college application and resume noticed? If yes, the mINiTERN program can help.

The mINiTERN program is a partnership between companies and DCCCD that provides students with real-world experience, helping them build marketable skills. The 10-week program allows students, working with a team advisor, to act as a consulting team to evaluate and research a company or industry issue. During a previous semester, students researched various types of solar installations, known as solar trees, for use in residential spaces and solicited public opinion.

Students interact weekly, sharing project plans, questions and findings to come up with ideas on the business issue. The teams then present their analysis and strategic recommendations to the host company through a formal presentation.

Applications are open through Feb. 3. You are welcome to apply to one or all of the four participating companies: Hunt Consolidated Inc., UT Southwestern Medical Center, the city of Irving and EJ Smith Construction. However, you may only participate in one project per semester. If you are chosen, you will be notified on Feb. 6. The program kicks off the week of Feb. 10.

Participating in the mINiTERN program will help you develop critical thinking, research and development, communication, project planning and presentation skills. This program could lead to internships or later employment with the partnering companies because of the networks that are developed.

Qualified candidates must be currently enrolled at DCCCD, have completed at least 15 credit hours of college-level coursework, be available to attend all team meetings and be able to devote 4-6 hours per week for the 10-week program.

Yevhen Prokopenko, a DCCCD student, participated in the program last semester.

“The mINiTERN program has a lot to offer to the students, from self-motivation to the ability to communicate in a work environment,” Yevhen said.

Students are required to dress in formal attire, which was new to Yevhen.

“Working with other people in a big company, such as Hunt, means you will have many connections, which can possibly lead to job opportunities,” he added. “I got to work with amazing people, which helped me improve my communication and time management skills.”

Yevhen said the most rewarding part of the program was learning to work in a team. He participated in conference calls, set up weekly schedules and learned how to communicate effectively with different team members.

Please visit the mINiTERN webpage for more information on the program or to apply.

This article was written by Kerri Smith, assistant director of special programs, outreach and marketing at the DCCCD District Office.

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