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5 Degrees You Should Get at a Community College

Last updated on October 10, 2019

Recently, published an article called 9 Hot Jobs for Workers Without a Bachelor’s Degree and, wouldn’t you know it — you can become qualified for (or move up in) several of those jobs through an education at DCCCD! Here’s the full scoop:

1. Sales Associate

You can get an associate degree in sales and marketing through Brookhaven, Cedar Valley and El Centro. We offer two-year associate degrees in business marketing and fashion marketing. Additionally, we also have certificates for students interested in customer service, sales marketing and more.

2. Property Manager

Texas property managers need to have a broker’s license, since property management is considered a real estate activity. You can learn about real estate broker education requirements and take classes to help move you toward that goal through the real estate programs at North Lake or Cedar Valley. Both colleges offer options ranging from an associate degree in applied sciences or a real estate certificate, as well as licensure as a broker, salesperson or real estate agent.

3. Radiology Tech

Radiology technicians work with patients to produce x-rays for diagnostic purposes. They may also keep patient records, adjust and maintain the machines and eventually work their way up to management of a radiology department. You can get a radiology tech degree from either Brookhaven or El Centro in just two years and start a great career fast, with an average radiology tech starting salary in north Texas of about $37,000 per year. Additionally, you can advance your radiologic sciences career over time through continued education and specializations.

Other degree options related to this field: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

4. Web Developer

Web developers bring projects to life on the Internet through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other coding languages. Web development jobs are growing fast — the projected growth is expected to hit 27 percent by 2024, which is no surprise considering all of the work that now goes into building websites that are friendly to a wide variety of screens and devices. An associate or bachelor’s degree may be required by some employers, but many look harder at things like portfolios and skill set, which you can develop through programs in Multimedia Technology, Internet Development Technologies and Computer Information Technology at our colleges. Last but not least, web skills pay bills — web developer jobs in north Texas have an average starting salary of about $35,000, with room for advancement over time and an expected job growth of more than 10% over the next three years.

5. Medical Sonographer

You can start a diagnostic medical sonography career in Dallas through our program at El Centro in about five semesters, and current practitioners with at least an associate degree can complete an advanced certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography to further their careers. The market for diagnostic medical sonography is in high demand, with a growth projection of 24 percent between 2014 and 2024. They pay a solid living wage, as well — sonographers in Dallas/north Texas make an average starting salary of about $50,000.

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