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Catch ‘Em All at DCCCD

Last updated on October 9, 2019

This post will be updated with new information as received.

So we’ve noticed an uptick of activity recently when it comes to our colleges… it seems they’re crawling with Pokemon! Below you’ll find information about Pokestops and gyms at DCCCD’s colleges, as well as a few tips about what kind of Pokemon have been seen there. You should also be aware that you can work on catching ’em all between the hours of about 7 a.m. and 10 or 11 p.m., depending on the college.

Catch ’em at Brookhaven

  • Pokestops: 15
  • Gyms: 2
  • Seen on campus: “Brookhaven is crawling with Pidgeys and Rattatas (like most others, I’m sure) but I’ve also found some cool ones like a Ponyta, Charmander and Jigglypuff.” – Madeline, web writer at Brookhaven

A Scyther Pokemon at Cedar Valley College.Catch ’em at Cedar Valley

  • Pokestops: 4
  • Gyms: 2 (one in the middle of campus, one located at the main entrance)
  • Seen on campus: Rattatas, Weedles and Pidgeys are common, but Slowpoke and Scyther have also been seen.

Catch ’em at Eastfield

    • Pokestops: 5 (“The best Pokestop is at the S building entrance near the main entrance of the college.” – Preston, website coordinator at Eastfield)

A Koffing Pokemon found at Eastfield.

  • Gyms: 1 on the property, 2 across the street
  • Seen on campus: “I’ve only seen low level Pokemon but I am a low level.” – Preston. A Koffing has also been found at Eastfield.

Catch ’em at El Centro

  • Note: Pokemon trainers will need to show college/DCCCD ID when entering El Centro or, if they are not students, a valid photo ID.
  • Pokestops: 2, both located right outside the building, and 2 more outside the El Centro Wellness Center
  • Gyms: 0; however, downtown Dallas has gyms at Dealey Plaza, Ferris Plaza, Victory Park fountains and the Omni Hotel
  • Seen on campus: We didn’t find a ton of rare pokemon inside El Centro, but the area just outside it was hoppin’! We found Dodrio, Pinsir, Squirtle, Goldeen and Gastly, just to name a few. We’re also hearing that a Dragonite has been seen at El Centro, and much more!
  • Update 9/8/16: “I’ve caught several at El Centro Paramount Building including: Growlithe, several Pinsir, Onix, Ponyta and a Blastoise right outside… I’ve caught a lot more there and just outside of there. Downtown is great anywhere.” – Michael Diniz
  • Update 9/12/16: “The El Centro West Campus is a Pokémon Gym. I’ve battled and claimed it a few times.” – Alexandra Siegel

A Dodrio Pokemon just outside El Centro College.

Catch ’em at Mountain View

  • Pokestops: 15
  • Gyms: 2 (one in the middle of campus and one located at the main entrance)
  • Seen on campus: Raticate, Poliwag, Metapod and Magikarp are some of the more unusual Pokemon that have been seen at Mountain View.

Catch ’em at North Lake

  • Pokestops: 23
  • Gyms: 1
  • Seen on campus: “Out of 85, I’ve got caught a total of 32 Pokemon [at North Lake]. Most of them found on campus are water, bug, flying, normal, poison, grass, ground, rock and dragon type. The others that I found not very often were electric, psychic, ghost and fire type.” – Burhan, North Lake student

A Dratini Pokemon at Richland College.Catch ’em at Richland

  • Pokestops: 22
  • Gyms: 3
  • Seen on campus: Common sightings at Richland include the usual: Rattatas, Pidgeys and Zubats. More unusual findings include Dratini, Staryu, Golbat and Slowpoke.

Got a hot tip that’ll help us keep this blog post up-to-date, or did we get something wrong? Comment below or email us at with all the details. You can also join the Pokemon Go @ DCCCD Facebook group to join forces with other DCCCD employees and students and hopefully, yes… catch ’em all!

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