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DCCCD Ad Campaign: Meet Sherrilyn

Last updated on October 8, 2019

Meet Sherrilyn! Sherrilyn studies Child Development at Eastfield, and she stepped up to help us promote our Computer Information Technology program for the 2016 ad campaign. Sherrilyn was a lot of fun to work with, and as usual with these posts, you can see the finished product at the bottom of the page.
Sherrilyn Carson, Eastfield student

So you’re in our new ad campaign! What’s your name?

Sherrilyn Carson

What made you take an interest in doing the ad with us?

I was actually on social media and on Facebook, and at first I saw and I honestly wondered if it was real. And so I signed up for it and I got a response, and I thought well you only live once, so I went for it. I did it and I actually had fun, I had never been in that work or industry before… so that’s pretty much it!

What was the process of shooting like for you? What was it like being on set?

It was fun! I was nervous at first but overall it was a good experience. I wouldn’t mind doing it again if the opportunity came about.

What did you like (or not like) about being in the ads?

Overall onset it was a good experience, I was nervous and not sure what to expect but it was fun and the director and everyone was very friendly, it wasn’t anything stressful.

What are you studying? Why did you choose it?

Early childhood education – initially I was going to do nursing, and then I met with the advisors. I have four boys, and when I saw the current need, I developed a desire for teaching. And I looked at the public school systems and decided if I wanted to make a change/make a difference, I had to step up and be the one. The only downfall right now is I have children, so I have to juggle full-time mom/wife/school duties. I may have to take one or two classes at a time vs. attending fulltime, but I’ll still get it done.

Why did you choose to study at DCCCD?

I went to Eastfield before, back when I initially graduated from high school. Something in my personal life occurred and I didn’t go back after that. But [now that it’s been awhile] I’m just seeing now, I’ve had dissatisfaction with a lot of things going on and I figured I’d just take a few classes and it’s really convenient and close for me.

What were you doing before attending DCCCD?

I’ve been working in a hospital setting – I have more of a medical background. I’m actually looking into homeschooling two of my children because they’re not able to sit in a traditional classroom setting, it’s just not a conducive environment for learning for them. So that’s why I’m working toward early childhood education.

What are your educational or professional plans after DCCCD?

Eventually I would like to have my own school, something small. I’ve noticed a lot of teachers go to school and get what they need and follow guidelines, but then walls are put in place and they’re not able to do what they need to. And the standards just don’t fit with the real world, they try to identify learning disabilities and the truth is, everyone just learns differently. A lot of times, children are suffering because parents don’t see what’s actually going on in the schools. I feel like I want to bring awareness of that to people.

What do you like best about DCCCD?

It’s convenient, it’s really close for me. I really don’t know too much but this will probably be my first year. I really like how friendly everyone is. I stressed to them that it’s my second time but it feels like my first because I didn’t have a lot of guidance. I’m a little older, a little wiser and I’m not afraid to ask, but people didn’t make me feel stupid. They were able to tell me what to do when I asked for help and direction. So far it’s been a good experience just getting the process going.

What is something you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My first love and passion is cooking. I love cooking and trying new recipes – I feel like food is both an art and a science. I also love being with my children, just being active with them and finding all sorts of new things with them like movies and introducing things to them.

Thank you, Sherrilyn! Stay tuned, readers – there are more DCCCD 2016 ad campaign student profiles coming soon.

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