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DCCCD Ad Campaign: Meet Adrina

Last updated on September 24, 2019

Have you seen the new ad campaign yet? If not, head over to our YouTube channel and check it out! The theme is “Higher Education That Actually Gets You Hired” and it highlights many of the great jobs you can get with an education from DCCCD. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our students! They worked hard with us over the course of three days shooting the concept with The Barbershop Marketing and Nametag Films. Because of that – lucky you – you’ll get to meet each of those students, right here on the DCCCD blog!

Today you’ll meet Adrina, a student from Richland College. She worked with us to promote our Construction Management and Construction Technology programs. You can watch the finished product at the end of this post!

Adrina Vasquez, Richland College StudentSo you’re in our new ad campaign! What’s your name?

My name is Adrina Vasquez.

What made you take an interest in doing the ad with us?

I honestly had no idea until I saw the ad on the Facebook page and after I submitted my information and picture, is when I got an email asking to attend the casting call. 🙂 I guess I was just very lucky this time around.

What was the process of shooting like for you? What was it like being on set?

The process of shooting the commercial was new to me. It felt amazing to say the least! I truly enjoyed being on set and helping with this commercial. I wish I could be part of more commercials in the future.

What did you like (or not like) about being in the ads?

I loved everything about it. At first, I was completely nervous and kept wondering, “I hope they didn’t get my bad side or I hope I don’t look awful on TV.” But it all seemed to work out and I actually really like that my commercial is the most seen on the YouTube channel (haha).

What are you studying? Why did you choose it?

I chose to study science. I really enjoy anything science and hands-on experiments. I chose it because I hope to one day get into the medical field.

Why did you choose to study at DCCCD?

I chose to study at DCCCD because it is the community college available in my county.

What were you doing before attending DCCCD?

Before DCCCD, I used to attend the Tarrant County College. I used to live in Fort Worth and Arlington prior to Dallas.

What are your educational or professional plans after DCCCD?

I hope to transfer to the University of Texas at Dallas or move back home (San Francisco, California).

What do you like best about DCCCD?

I really enjoyed my time at Richland. My counselor was the best. I’m prior military, so she really helped out a lot. I couldn’t have had a better counselor to guide me through these past two years.

What is something you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy relaxing at home and spending time with friends and family.

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity that I had in helping with the 2016 commercials. I will never forget this experience. 🙂

Read more about DCCCD’s construction programs and all of our programs on our website, and stay tuned! You’ll be meeting more of our DCCCD stars soon!

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