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What Students Are Saying About Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

Last updated on October 8, 2019

Thinking about studying Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology? Find out what other DCCCD students are saying about the program.

Why did you choose to study Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology at DCCCD?

Robert Beieler, Eastfield College alumnus
Robert Beieler, Eastfield College alumnus

Robert Beieler: Eastfield’s program was really reasonably priced, so it worked out well for me. The best part was the hands-on aspect of the program. You spend half your time in the classroom, then move to the lab. I think spending as much time in the lab as we did is the best thing for getting out in the field and working successfully.

“Without my training from Eastfield, I don’t know if I’d have made it through getting into this business to be a functioning member of the air conditioning field. The instructors were really good and very knowledgeable, and they were easy to get along with too. Their courses are set up so that people will really learn the things they need to know about the industry.”

Kathy Dana: “I started the air conditioning program at Cedar Valley because it was close to where I lived, and my dad knew

Kathy Dana, Cedar Valley College alumna
Kathy Dana, Cedar Valley College alumna

a lot of people in their program and said they were good.”

Leonardo Figueroa: “I started the HVAC program at Cedar Valley because I wanted to understand my job better — I was already working in the field. I was able to perfect some of the skills I needed for my job, especially in welding and soldering, which I was having some trouble with.”

Dan Walter: “I’d already earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from LeTourneau University, but after about three years sitting behind a desk designing construction equipment, I knew I wanted to run my own business. Energy efficiency is something I’ve always been interested in, so it made sense when I was looking for a business idea.

“Although we offer several products and services that reduce energy usage, air conditioning is a big part of our business. I took all of the air conditioning courses at Cedar Valley because I wanted to further my knowledge in the field.”

What was the best part of your experience learning about Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology?

Leonardo Figueroa, Cedar Valley Colleges alumnus
Leonardo Figueroa, Cedar Valley Colleges alumnus

Robert Beieler: “I would have never been able to afford a more expensive school. I’m just lucky that I found one with the kind of training that I needed at a really reasonable price.”

Kathy Dana: “The quality of my air conditioning classes at Cedar Valley was great. There’s a lot of information to learn in those two years, but it’s really hands-on, and there was always help if I needed it. Chris Colquitt and Loren Hines, who was the Saturday and evening tutor when I was there, were just awesome.

“I liked that Cedar Valley was a small college with only one air conditioning and refrigeration lab. It wasn’t easy, though. If you don’t pay attention to what you learn in the classroom and lab, you’re not going to know what to do in the field.”

Leonardo Figueroa: “The program at Cedar Valley was excellent, and I learned a lot. For instance, I had absolutely no knowledge of electrical systems, and now I feel pretty comfortable with them. My instructors — especially Ivory Armstead, Chris Colquitt and (adjunct instructor) Keith Bilbry — really pushed me. It’s a program I’ve already recommended to several people.

“The best part of earning my associate degree is that I get job offers at least once a month because of the training I now have. It’s nice to know that I

Dan Walter, Cedar Valley College alumnus
Dan Walter, Cedar Valley College alumnus

can get a job anywhere. And by having that associate degree, I’ve been able to double my income.”

Dan Walter: “The best part of my experience at Cedar Valley was interacting with the faculty; they were just so knowledgeable. David Eishen (now retired) was the biggest reason I joined the program; he really got me involved in the Green Building Institute.

“I would recommend this program because it gives you a good background in air conditioning. Probably 70 percent of technicians out there don’t have a good idea of how air conditioning works. They’re taught what to do to make systems work, but they don’t have real understanding of what they’re doing.”

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