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DCCCD Student Blog Post: A Day in the Life of Caroline

Last updated on October 8, 2019

This post is written by Caroline Jones, a DCCCD student blogger and Richland College student.

Hello, people of the blogosphere! I hope everyone’s semester is going great and that your classes aren’t too terribly hard.

So, being a math major, I obviously take all math classes with a few random classes thrown in there. I love math so I enjoy all of the math classes… but it’s the few random classes that give me trouble every now and then!

Currently I’m taking Differential Equations, Calculus 3 and University Physics 1! Now, both of these math classes have given me their deal of trouble, but I am loving them! There’s just something about working with numbers and solving equations that just makes me happy!

Physics has been probably the hardest for me. It’s pretty difficult to imagine how some of the concepts work when they are so abstract. I am getting the hang of it though, and am really starting to enjoy it and take an interest in the class! After all, Physics is a mix of math and science, which just so happen to be two of my favorite subjects, so I can’t be too bored with the class!

After this semester I will be transferring to UTD like I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, and there I will be taking a mix of math classes and classes to receive my teaching certification. I’m pretty excited to be moving up there to where all I’ll be taking is math classes. It will be a long and hard journey, but I am so ready.

I kind of feel like I’m in a Harry Potter novel, except instead of taking classes on wizardry, it’s all math and oh boy, I can’t wait to see what I will be able to do with my mathematical powers! Hope everyone continues to have a wonderful semester and hopefully it cools down and starts to feel like fall soon! Until next time, blog readers!

Much love,

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