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Commit to Complete Your College Degree Oct. 12-15

Last updated on October 4, 2019

Planning to earn a college degree? Only one in two students reading this will.

Commit to Complete Your College Degree

If you’re truly committed to finishing your degree or certificate, now is the time to take action toward that goal.

From Oct. 12-16, all seven colleges of DCCCD will host Commit to Complete events to help students finish their degrees or certificates.

You can learn about scholarships, talk to instructors and get help selecting classes. There will be informative workshops and fun activities to help you make it to the finish line. (And – of course – it’s always nice to meet new friends.)

Know the Stats About College Completion Rates

Today, about eight million Americans are enrolled in credit classes at a community college.

Of these, four million – about half – will drop out, often within their first year of college. Many struggle to find balance between work, family and school. Sixty-five percent plan to return to college when the timing is better. Thirty-eight percent actually will.

You could be one of those four million college drop-outs. But you don’t have to be.

Another four million Americans will finish their degree or certificate. This achievement increases their earning potential and job security. It also increases their chances of earning a transfer scholarship to a university.

Take the Pledge: Commit to Complete Your College Education

No matter which Commit to Complete events you choose to attend, be sure to sign the Commit to Complete pledge. Studies show you’re 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. (Tip: Keep that in mind as you decide on your New Year’s resolution!)

“A person with an associate degree will make $400,000 in their lifetime more than a high school graduate. And life happens… if students get an associate degree and have to drop out of college, at least they have a degree and not just hours. It proves they’ve completed something and it shows commitment.” – Yolanda Romero, North Lake College faculty

Also know this: your goal of finishing college is a realistic one. And reaching that goal will give you more than a strong sense of satisfaction; finishing college will set the course for your financial and educational success. A college degree is a marketable credential and could earn you as much as $20,000 more annually than your non-degreed counterparts.

More Information About the Dallas County Community College District

  • We believe that you’re better off in college than not. Take advantage of the Student Services Offices on your campus to learn more about ways we can help you – and you can help you – stay in college and earn a degree or credential.
  • Not sure what you want to major in? Check out DCCCD’s degree and certificate programs to help you decide.
  • Keep an eye on the DCCCD Academic Calendar so you know the start dates for each semester or flex term.
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