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Midnight College Classes Make Their Debut at Dallas County Community College District

Last updated on September 24, 2019

headshot, Continuing Education Coordinator Russel Braga
Described by his peers as a visionary, Braga currently serves on the North Lake College Dream Team, a committee devoted to fostering innovative thinking about student success.

Night owls across Dallas are flocking to North Lake College in Irving where midnight college classes are now being offered from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Yes, you read that right.

Known as “Midnight Classes,” these courses accommodate students with inflexible work schedules, children at home or a unique internal clock. The pilot program is one example of how DCCCD is working to reach non-consumers.

“If you’re working the second shift at your job, that should not stop you from continuing your education,” explains Continuing Education Coordinator Russel Braga, who got the idea for Midnight Classes after hearing DCCCD Chancellor Dr. Joe May stress the importance of making education more accessible. “Other colleges host late night courses; why can’t we?” said Braga.

Bunker Hill Community College​ in Boston is believed to be the first college to offer late-night courses. Braga hopes North Lake’s pilot program of Midnight Classes will grow as word spreads to the community, with the end goal of creating courses that are both credit and noncredit.

“We are trying to become more innovative and agile to better serve our students,” says Braga, who stresses the importance of student success. “We also have a second goal: to stay competitive in the dynamic environment of higher education.”

Fall registration​ is currently open for Midnight Classes through North Lake College Continuing Education.

The first pilot classes include:

  • Midnight GED
  • Midnight QuickBooks
  • Midnight Excel for Warehouse Management/Inventory

“We selected these classes first because we have directly heard from students looking for those classes, but are unable to make the current scheduled times,” adds Braga.

Concerned about safety? Midnight classes are held right across the hallway from the North Lake College Police Department. Officers are also happy to escort students to and from their vehicles.

To learn more about Midnight Classes, visit the North Lake College blog​.

Become a North Lake Night Owl by Applying for Admissions at DCCCD

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