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The Busy (and Fun!) Life of a College Student: Andrea

Last updated on October 4, 2019

This post is written by Andrea Carrizales, a spring student blogger and Eastfield and Richland college student.

If I wanted to summarize this past month in a word, it would be hectic. Between banquets, conferences, work, festivals and homework, I haven’t had much chance to do anything else. Even when I procrastinate I must proactively procrastinate and finish something else I need to do.

But honestly, I cannot complain. I love to keep busy. I enjoy attending as many Eastfield events as I possibly can and reporting them on The Et Cetera social media, reading about the Vietnam War and Nazi history for my two history classes, taking pictures of the flowers around campus, and learning about human rights from experts in the field at the honors conference at Richland.

My Schedule

To give you guys a little insight, let me tell you what my schedule looks like.

I have classes every weekday. Mondays and Wednesdays I learn about Nazi History, take piano lessons and attend my math class. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have psychology with the best professor in the field and then learn about the Vietnam War in my history 1302 honors class. Then on Fridays I have the Nazi History class again, and after that I am free.

However, I am not entirely free. Every other Friday the Student Government Association meets to discuss our activities, progress and new ideas. As chairperson of the SGA Beautification Committee, I give out reports on how we are meeting our goals, even if they are just about planting flowers to make Eastfield more beautiful.

Which leads me to the remaining days of the week. Before giving out reports on flowers, art, furniture and installations, I meet with the people in the facilities division and many other divisions in order to plan out how to accomplish the beautification committee’s goals. Then I report back to the people at the committee, and we decide what to do and who to contact next.

Writing for The Et Cetera Newspaper

On those same days, I also conduct interviews with students and faculty about a variety of topics for my stories in The Et Cetera newspaper. In March, I wrote a story about the “FutureMakers” art gallery show for the March 4 issue and wrote a column about the craze of turning books into movies, which appeared on the March 25 issue.

This past week I worked on a story about the fashion show at the Eastfield International Festival, which will be part of the April 8 issue, and started working and doing interviews for a story that will be published late April.

In addition, every other Monday is production Monday at The Et Cetera. This means that it is all-hands-on-deck at the newsroom to assemble the paper that comes out every other Wednesday. With many people involved, production days usually flow very nicely, and the atmosphere is of constant activity and progress.

Taking Over @dcccdlife Student Instagram Account

During March I also had the opportunity to take over the @dcccdlife Instagram account. I was so excited because it coincided with the Amidon/Beauchamp Memorial Awards, in which I received the award for Eastfield Student Leader of the Year. I am truly grateful, and feel blessed to have received this honor.

April is just as busy as March was. At this pace, the semester is going to go by incredibly fast, and I’m sure I’ll continue loving every minute of it.

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