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Learning the History of Nazi Germany Through Andrea Carrizales’ Eyes

Last updated on October 4, 2019

This post is written by Andrea Carrizales, a spring student blogger and Eastfield and Richland college student.

Nazi history secrets unveil before my eyes: I learn about military strategies and political philosophies, along with many names that helped change history, forever.

This semester I’m taking Western History Honors as one of my electives. This class has an emphasis on Nazi Germany. Under the instruction of Professor Michael Noble, this is by far my favorite class this spring because it doesn’t just cover a boring list of facts. So far, we have talked of art, music, propaganda, military strategies, international policy, coup d’états… even fashion! We have watched documentaries, Hollywood movies, and there was a day we watched the Looney Tunes “What’s Opera, Doc?” to understand the influences of Wagner’s operas on German nationalism.

Professor Noble is a great reason why the class is so interesting. His profound knowledge on the subject and his ability to recall dates, facts and German names out of a hat is very impressive and of great use whenever a student has a question.

My classmates in that class come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Some are students right out of high school; others are full-time workers who already have their associate degree. Some others are military veterans — they always get the military strategies much better than I do — and others have different cultural or religious backgrounds, and care about a variety of different things. This great diversity makes class discussions very enjoyable, and every time we have them I am able to learn something that had not even crossed my mind.

There is not a lot of writing in this class, which is good if you’re always busy like me, but there are a couple of books you need to read to prepare for discussions.

This semester has been full of revelations; much of the history I knew has been challenged by further and deeper learning. With all its twists and turns, the history of Nazi Germany is an extremely interesting topic.

If you will be at Eastfield next year, look for this class. It is an elective that truly draws you in, and that you will deeply enjoy.

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