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Meet Sana, a Fall Student Blogger

Last updated on October 8, 2019

SanaHusseinWe’re so excited to introduce you to one of the winners of our fall student blogger contest, Sana Hussein! She will be blogging throughout the semester about college, her classes, her future plans and more. Here’s more about Sana, in her own words:

Hello there!

My name is Sana, and I am one of the new DCCCD student bloggers!

This is my last semester at Richland College before I get my Associate of Science degree! I am either transferring to Amherst College, UCLA or SMU. My major is economics and finance applications, and I am minoring in computer engineering. I also enjoy creative writing and might add it as a major. As of today, my plan is to go to law school and become a human rights lawyer.

I graduated from Richardson High School in 2013. During my high school journey, I refused to even think about attending community college. Luckily, I became a bit more wise and enrolled at Richland College right after graduation.

I feel very fortunate to attend Richland because this ‘buffer’ period has helped me figure out what I hope to accomplish while meeting amazing people and taking advantage of great resources. I can honestly say that I will be sad once I leave Richland. I originally planned on staying at Richland for only a year but decided that I needed to complete a few more core classes.

Fun fact: during my first year at Richland, I completed 52 credits with an awesome GPA.

I also love to read, paint, knit and travel. My absolute favorite activity is hiking and seeing beautiful tall trees.

If there is anything else that you want to know about me, please ask. I look forward to writing and hearing your input.

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