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We Are Dallas College: Jesse Serrano

Last updated on October 10, 2023

What challenges did you face while growing up, and how did they shape your journey to Dallas College?

“Growing up in West Texas, feeding goats, slinging hay bales, I faced both physical and mental challenges. However, the real struggle was the mental one. Being a liberal thinker in a conservative environment felt stifling. I wanted to be creative and create my own worlds, but everyone around me expected me to conform to their world view. It was like being isolated in my own mind. I looked for places elsewhere that I could be creative alongside other creative people and learn more at an accredited institution, and Dallas College fit those needs.”

What do you hope to achieve with the games that you develop?

“My goal is to create video games that inspire players to stop and think for themselves about the future and take positive action. I believe video games have inherent value and can convey meaningful messages. My plan is to use video games as a medium to share my art style, which blends futuristic and traditional elements, with a broad audience. I want to give something to the world that people get a tangible benefit from.”

Where do you see yourself in the gaming industry in the future, and what are your career aspirations?

“In the future, I envision having my own indie game development company with a dedicated team. I want to create impactful games that leave a lasting impression. Initially, I may gain experience working in the industry to learn about team dynamics, find good people and gain insights before starting my own venture.”

How has Dallas College prepared you for your career in Game Development?

“Dallas College provided the essential tools for things like how to work with other people, how to manage my time, all these soft skills. I could learn game design by just watching tutorials on YouTube, but the soft skills and connections come from an experience like this at Dallas College. While it didn’t magically make me motivated, it did set me on the right path and introduced me to the necessary skills and tools. Being in an environment with like-minded peers and a supportive community was invaluable in helping me pursue my dreams in game development.”

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