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A Time to Remember

Today is a day of remembrance and I invite our Dallas College family to take a mindful pause with me. It has been two years since the murder of George Floyd, a horrific crime that sent shockwaves of gut-wrenching sorrow across the world, impacting how humanity sees itself moving forward. This continues to represent an opportunity for us to demonstrate our solidarity with social justice movements by way of advocacy, compassion and support for individuals, families, and communities who face oppression, discrimination, aggression, and inequities every single day.

His Name Is George Floyd is a new biography that details the man he truly was, the challenges he had to navigate, the mistakes he made, and his attempts to better himself as a human being. As we honor his life today, I invite you to think about Mr. Floyd in a way you previously might not have – the son, father, friend – and his lived experiences as a 6-foot 6-inch-tall Black male in the U.S.  His experiences tell a saddening tale of how life’s circumstances and choices can shape you but also provide an opportunity for redemption.

At Dallas College, we have the power to help right so many wrongs. I want to thank you for showing up for others and caring for each other. Our campuses and offices are a microcosm of society and together, we are weaving more humanity back into the fabric of society. This is how you, as part of the Dallas College family, can pay tribute and honor George Floyd’s life.

Thank you,

Marisol Romany
Chief Officer
Social Responsibility and Inclusion

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