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Self-Service is Coming Soon

Last updated on March 28, 2022

What is Self-Service?

Self-Service is a web interface that will gradually become the replacement for eConnect. Self-Service is a more modern and user-friendly interface that will provide a variety of online services to Dallas College students, faculty and staff. Self-Service will also notify students of important updates to their accounts, such as holds.

When will Self-Service launch?

Self-Service for students will launch beginning Monday, April 4, 2022. Please be aware that you will not have access to these functions in Self-Service until Monday, April 4, 2022. Additional Information regarding Self-Service will be coming soon.

During the initial rollout, Self-Service will provide:

  • Student Planning
    • Search and register for classes
    • View class schedule
    • Add or drop classes directly from the schedule
    • Plan classes
    • Request a change to your program of study

  • Course Catalog
    • Browse classes
  • Student Finance
    • View and print account statements
    • Make payments

Additional functionality of Self-Service will be added in the coming months.

What will happen to eConnect?

eConnect will still be available until the final pieces are migrated into Self-Service. As new modules are added to Self-Service, eConnect will link to the new version in Self-Service.

Additional functionality of Self-Service will be added in the coming months.

Preview and Tutorials

You can preview Self-Service via the new video tutorials. Students will be able to access the new service and features on Monday, April 4.

  1. How to Log in: Self-Service for Students
  2. Self-Service Tour: Self-Service for Students
  3. How to Check Your Program Progress: Self-Service for Students
  4. How to Browse the Course Catalog: Self-Service for Students
  5. How to Plan Your Schedule: Self-Service for Students
  6. How to Register for Classes: Self-Service for Students
  7. How to Pay for Classes: Self-Service for Students
  8. How to Request a Change to Program of Study: Self-Service for Students
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