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The STEM League Is Here For You!

If you haven’t heard of the STEM League, then you are missing out on being part of one of the most engaging organizations within Dallas College. The STEM League serves all students, with the mission of helping you grow into the best person you can be.

Our goal at the STEM League is to maximize not only your academic career but also your job prospects. STEM topics (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are the focus of the STEM League, but all students — regardless of your field of study — can join in on the fun!

Through STEM League, you can connect with other students and learn about STEM pathways and careers outside of the classroom. Opportunities and events have included field trips to corporations and universities, campus meetups, challenges, information about jobs and internships, and more. Although the pandemic has temporarily halted such events, the STEM League is still here to serve you.

During the Spring 2021 semester, the STEM League is hosting its STEM Playbook, a series of online skills trainings and professional development workshops to help you prepare for a career in STEM. These workshops, presented by special guests, offer vital knowledge on topics like improving your interview skills, building your brand, how to network and more.

Edith Desantiago, a STEM League member, said, “Being an active member of the STEM League is a true blessing. I always feel welcomed to participate and be deeply involved, especially when it comes to the STEM Playbook workshops.” Edith explained, “I get to learn so much information for free to incorporate into my daily life.”

Matthew James Nolan, a former STEM League member now at Columbia University, said, “The experience, guidance and support I’ve received through the STEM League will carry me for a lifetime.”

The first workshop for the Spring 2021 semester will be on Jan. 26, on the topic of communication.

Join the STEM League today to receive information about our upcoming workshops, free training and trivia night.

Get Real-World STEM Experience

We would also like to remind you about the mINiTERN program, which is now accepting applications. Through this program, you could have the chance to extern with companies and organizations such as Hunt Consolidated, the City of Irving and Halff.

The mINiTERN program provides a great opportunity for real-world business experience and developing professional skills through a 10-week externship. Hurry and apply before applications close on Jan. 26!

Check out the mINiTERN program to learn how to apply.

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