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The IncludED Program Makes Your Life Easier

Don’t worry about buying your books and other learning materials before classes start. Dallas College’s IncludED program now bundles the cost of most learning materials – including textbooks, online publisher content, software, art supplies, science lab kits and even certain medical supplies – into the price of tuition.

You don’t even have to do anything extra! You’re automatically IncludED when you register for classes.

Students can save as much as 50% on the cost of learning materials with IncludED. For instance, in Spring 2020, materials for a biology class cost $217. With IncludED, students pay nothing additional.

And at $79 per credit hour for Dallas County residents, tuition is still one of the most affordable options in the state.

Your learning materials are also ready for you on the first day of class. Digital materials will appear in your course on eCampus a few days before classes start.

Print books and other learning materials are mailed to your home, so make sure we have your correct address in eConnect. If you need to make a change, click “Update My Address.” Do this now! Books are mailed before classes begin.

If you’re not interested in IncludED, you can opt out when you register for classes and receive a $20-per-hour reduction in tuition. But keep this in mind:

  • You must purchase your own books and learning materials.
  • Financial aid no longer awards “book money” before classes start.
  • When you opt out, it is for the full semester.
  • You can opt back in up to the Wednesday before the first day of class, but you may not receive your materials by the first day. After that Wednesday, you cannot change your mind for that semester.
  • When you opt out, it is for all of the courses you will take that semester. You cannot opt out of some courses and in for others.

Registration is open now for Winter term and Spring 2021. Spring classes begin Jan. 19.

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