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4 Community College Myths You Need to Know

Last updated on October 7, 2019

Most likely you have heard the myths about attending community college. Things such as if you don’t start off at a university, classes won’t transfer. The traditional university isn’t for everyone. You may not know what you want to study, and community college can help you figure that out. Dallas Community Colleges break down the top four myths about community college!

Community College Myth #1: You Attend Because You Didn’t Get Accepted Into a University

This myth is simply untrue! Students attend community college for several reasons. One of the reasons is that community college is affordable. For example, you can take a full semester of 12 credit hours for $708 per semester at one of the colleges of DCCCD, if you’re a Dallas county resident. Where else can you take a full course load for that price? If you should decide that you would like to take more credit hours, you can calculate your tuition for Dallas county and out-of-county residents. Another reason students attend community college is the variety of degrees and certifications offered. Check out Dallas Community Colleges degrees and certificates if you are unsure about what to study, or if you are interested in learning more about a program.

Community College Myth #2: You Won’t Succeed at a University

Students are very successful after attending community college. Many students transfer to a university and continue to do well. Community college can help you sharpen your study skills, adapt to college life, as well as providing a chance to raise your GPA and many more opportunities.

Community College Myth #3: Your Classes Won’t Transfer From Community College

It’s true that there are some classes that won’t transfer, but you will find that anywhere. There are some classes that don’t transfer between four-year schools. However, there are ways to check these things out so that you know ahead of time. Be sure to meet with your advisor regularly, so they can help you plan. If you try to make a go of it alone and select random classes, chances are they might not transfer. Stick to the common core classes and things will go well. If you want to know exactly which courses will transfer to specific universities, check out Texas Common Course Numbering System.

Community College Myth #4: Degrees From Community College Are Not As Useful As a Bachelor’s Degree

This is true in some career fields. For example, if you want to become a doctor, an associate degree won’t get you very far, but can be the start of your journey. However, attending community college gives you the opportunity to enter directly into the workforce and gives you a head start for when you transfer. Employers review candidates as a whole, not by the degree or certificate they earned. To name a few skills when hiring, employers also consider your job experience, internships, volunteer hours and skills.

What are some other myths you’ve heard about community college? How did those myths differ from your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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