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NEW: DCCCD Libraries Transition to New Print/Copy System

Last updated on July 15, 2019

Great news: we’re updating our printing and copying systems at the colleges of DCCCD! Previously, you could only use cash to add money to your account and the credit was only good at the college where you added it. But no more!

What’s New About the Copy/Print System

We’ve moved to a single, districtwide copy/printing system. That means money you put on your account at one college can be used at any of the six other colleges. No muss, no fuss!

You’ll also now be able to scan documents for five cents per page. Additionally, we’re introducing the ability to add funds to your print/copy account using a credit card — so you won’t have to worry about making sure you have cash with you. When using a print station, you’ll log in using your student ID number and your eConnect password. You will also be able to link your student ID card with your account so that you can scan the bar code on your student ID card when using the system in the future.

Important note: in order to use the new system, students need to have recently updated/changed their eConnect password. So make sure to reset your eConnect password by the time spring classes start back up again, or you won’t be able to use the new system. Also good to know: your balance from the old system will be transferred to your new account as long as your student ID was used as the login ID. Those funds won’t just disappear!

What’s Staying the Same

Prices won’t change — it’ll still be 10 cents per page for single-sided black-and-white pages and copies and 15 cents for double-sided. If your college offers color printing or copying, it will still cost 50 cents per single-sided page and 70 cents for double-sided. Like with the old system, there will be no refunds for the amount you put in your account, but the balances will carry forward to the next semester.

Sound Confusing?

No problem! We’ll have staff available to assist and posted signage in student print vending areas to help you out.

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