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Introducing: Important Dates for Fall 2017

Last updated on November 6, 2017

Update: Fall is nearly over! Check out our dates for spring.

Fall is just around the corner, and there’s lots to see and lots to do before your classes start. Hopefully we can help keep you on track!

For your convenience, we have added an extended Saturday registration day on Saturday, August 12. All seven DCCCD colleges will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. that day to help you get admitted, register for classes and answer any questions. The last day to register is August 15 for students with an academic standing of “good.”

Heads up: All DCCCD campuses will be closed Friday, Aug. 18 for District Conference Day.

Please also note that new students will not be able to register after Aug. 18. (Students who have registered by Aug. 18 will still be able to add or drop classes after that date, assuming those classes have not begun yet.) If you’d like, you also can register online with eConnect. (But on that note, you might want to find out if you’re eligible for online registration.)

Important Dates for Fall 2017 at DCCCD

beginning August 1 (T) Tuition paid (process begins 10 calendar days before your first class)
August 7 (M) $1,000 disbursements begin for books and supplies (lasts from Aug. 7 until Sept. 3)
August 14 (M) Faculty reports
August 18 (F) District Conference Day
August 21 (M) Classes begin
September 3 (Su) Certification of attendance for financial aid
September 4 (M) Labor Day holiday
September 6 (W) Direct Loan anticipated receipt date of funds from Department of Education (Fall/Spring annual)
beginning September 12 (T) Remainder of eligible funds posted
beginning September 15 (F) Direct Loan refunds to students
September 19 (T) First-time borrower — 30-day delay
November 9 (Th) Last day to withdraw
November 23 (Th) Thanksgiving holidays begin
November 27 (M) Classes resume
December 4-7 (M-Th) Final exams
December 7 (Th) Semester ends
December 11 (M) Last day for faculty to submit grades electronically through eConnect to the Registrar’s Office
December 22 (Th) College buildings and offices close for the holidays at end of workday
December 26-27 (T-W) eCampus maintenance time

Academic calendar dates are also always available in the 2017-18 DCCCD catalog.

Please also note: Some colleges will also be observing shortened hours Aug. 17 for professional development activities. Check with your individual college for details.

Not a current student, but interested in learning more about the admissions process?

Launch Your College Career at DCCCD

“Why Can’t I Register for This Class?!”

If you normally attend another college or university and you’re taking classes with us this semester, we’ll need your transcripts from those other institutions. One of the primary reasons for this is because many courses have prerequisites that must be met before you can register. Your transcripts are the main way we find out if you’ve taken those prerequisites elsewhere before coming to DCCCD.

Transcripts are evaluated by DCCCD Admissions/Registrar’s offices, and you will need to have your transcripts sent to the college you plan to attend. (Still have questions about transcripts? Check out some of our frequently asked questions about transcripts and evaluation.)

Confused About These Dates?

Comment below with questions, email or browse through our frequently asked questions section on the website.

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