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Your Guide to the New Semester at DCCCD

Last updated on October 8, 2019

Welcome back, DCCCD students! We get it – starting college (or even just a new semester) can be overwhelming. Maybe you still need to buy textbooks (hopefully not!), find your classrooms, meet your professors or any number of other things. It’s a lot to handle! Hopefully some of the information in this post will be helpful.

DCCCD Campus Maps

Each campus is a little different, and if you’re new (and sometimes even if you’re not), certain buildings can be hard to find. Check out the campus maps on our website for help locating the various buildings on each campus, or choose from the list below:

How to Pay for College: Financial Aid and Scholarship Options at DCCCD

Need help paying for college? We have scholarships, the Rising Star program and financial aid (you can start applying for financial aid for the upcoming academic year on Jan. 1).

DCCCD Student Services

Each of our colleges has a variety of resources to assist you, no matter what the issue may be. Visit the On-Campus Services page of the DCCCD website for more information on the variety of options available for DCCCD students.  Health and wellness resources, job search assistance, counseling, disability services and more are available to choose from. Don’t forget to take advantage of DCCCD student discounts, either!

Additionally, make sure to meet with your academic advisor at least once each semester to ensure that you stay on track when it comes to your degree plan or other goals. Contact your campus advisement office directly for information on whether you can simply walk in or if you need to make an appointment; many offices are also able to answer questions via email.

Looking to Add a Few More Credit Hours to Your Schedule?

An overachiever, eh? Good for you! Here are a few options for you to choose from to knock out a few extra credit hours:

  • Flex Term classes — Our Flex Term classes begin every month, so you can start taking classes anytime. You can register for Flex Term classes throughout the year, and they don’t always last the same amount of time as a regular semester class. You might meet once a week, three times a week or every day, which can help you finish your degree faster.
  • Fast Track classes — These classes are more intensive, but let you complete the requirements for an associate degree in one year. They start every month and are offered in four four-week terms during the full-length semester.
  • Wintermester/Maymester classes — Winter Term classes start in mid-December and last through early January, while May Term typically lasts from mid-May through early June. You can take one of these classes at a time and earn between 3-4 credit hours in just a few weeks.
  • Online classes — If you can’t make it to campus, check out our online classes. Some are Flex Terms and some are traditional semester-length classes, and all of them are convenient to take as long as you have Internet access.

When is Spring Break?

You don’t waste any time, do you!? The DCCCD academic calendar can always be found on our website. Be sure to keep an eye on it – some dates may shift from year to year. In addition to college holidays, the academic calendar also contains information on finals week, the last day to drop classes and the 12th class day (also known as the financial aid lock date).

Last but not least, here’s some advice from your fellow DCCCD students from Fall 2015:

Not a current student, but think you might be interested in taking classes with us?

Smart Starts Here: Apply for Admission to DCCCD

Other Tips and Reminders

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