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Meet Caroline: Richland Student, Harry Potter Super Fan, Math Nerd

Last updated on October 8, 2019

This post is written by Caroline Jones, a DCCCD student blogger and Richland College student.

Hi, everyone! My name is Caroline Jones and I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so bear with me while reading my posts! I’m so excited to be sharing my life this semester on the blog and I hope that all of my readers out there enjoy reading my posts!

I am currently attending Richland College, but hope to transfer to the University of Texas at Dallas in the spring of 2016. It will be a big jump from community college to a university, but I’m so ready to start my next journey in life! Some of my hobbies include dancing, reading, doing math homework, shopping and spending time with my family.

I’ve been dancing since I was five, and have yet to slow down. I’m currently teaching dance classes at Dance Company of Wylie and absolutely love what I do. Dancing is an art form. It’s a way to express emotion and tell a story. When I’m feeling down or stressed, I just go to the studio and suddenly everything doesn’t seem so bad. Dancing is my outlet and it’s something that will stay in my heart for the rest of my life!

As far as school is concerned, I am majoring in Mathematics and working on my teaching certification as well. When I first started off in college I thought I wanted to major in Accounting and go in to the corporate world, but boy was I wrong. One business class, and I changed my major faster than you could say accounting.

I’ve always had a love for math and something inside of me just clicked and I knew that I wanted to share my passion of the subject with everyone I could. So of course I decided that I want to become a math teacher! After I complete my bachelor’s in mathematics I will hopefully start teaching at a high school, as well as attend graduate school to get my master’s and a Ph.D. I have very high hopes for my career in teaching. I hope to some day be a professor and make my way into the Ivy Leagues. Harvard, Yale, Princeton or MIT would be my top choices for schools to teach at, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, because those schools are insanely difficult to get into. I can’t imagine what you have to go through in order to get a job at one.

I won’t give up on my dreams of the Ivy Leagues though, because if you reach for the moon and miss you always end up somewhere among the stars, which sounds pretty wonderful to me!

So to wrap things up, I’m a pretty nerdy person and most of my blogs will consist of math and nerdy type things, such as my love for Harry Potter! (Gryffindor for life!) I hope I can give everyone a few laughs and just lighten up your day a bit! Well I am signing off for now, but I will be back with another blog post very soon! Bye guys!

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