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Introducing Linda, a Spring Student Blogger

Last updated on October 8, 2019

We’re excited to introduce you to one of the winners of our spring student blogger contest, Linda Simington! She will be blogging throughout the semester about college, her classes, her future plans and more. Here’s more about Linda, in her own words:

Hi there!

My name is Linda Simington, and I am a student at Eastfield College. If anyone had told me almost four years ago that today I’d be back in school, I would have busted out with a big ‘ol belly laugh. Who, me, you say?

I was one of many older adults who secretly yearned to further my education but feared that I wouldn’t be able to “cut the mustard” compared to students who had twinkling eyes, were fresh out of high school and were technologically savvy. Tentatively, I enrolled at Eastfield part time in the fall of 2011.

Boy did I ever have stinkin’ thinkin’. My first class, Learning Frameworks, helped change my outlook. I began to think in possibilities instead of doubts. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that easy. It does take hard work, perseverance, self-discipline and dedication. But now, here I am! Soon I’ll have my associate degree in Social Work, and, after a few more classes, I’ll also have an Associate in Sciences.

I enjoy most of my classes, and I have done well enough to become a member of Phi Theta Kappa’s Honor Society. Thankfully, I received guidance from many fellow classmates, professors and other members of the Eastfield staff. I have found that when you are eager to learn, most will be eager to help.

My plan is to transfer to Texas A&M-Commerce for my bachelor’s degree in social work either this fall or next spring. I care about people and believe that helping another human being is something we could use a lot more of.

In my “spare” time I enjoy organic gardening, learning about alternative health remedies and doing volunteer work.

I’m delighted about my decision to return to school and encourage anyone who knows someone older or anyone who is standing in the doorway of higher education unsure of themselves, to just give them a little bump to help get them across that threshold. I believe we should always keep learning, improving ourselves and moving forward. The only time to look back is to learn from our mistakes and/or to help someone else along.

Happy learning to you all!

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